Why "Raising Dion" Is the Netflix Sci-Fi Treat You Should Watch This Fall

If there is one thing I know well, it’s Sci-Fi. Last year, I literally took an English class titled Science Fiction, and although it isn’t my favorite genre, I know a good show when I see one. Raising Dion is based on Dennis Liu’s graphic novel of the same name. It stars Ja’Siah Young as Dion Warren and Alisha Wainwright as Dion’s mom, Nicole Warren. The series is produced by Michael B. Jordan and his production company, Outlier Society. And yes, Michael B. Jordan is one of the (many) reasons to watch.

When the implausible happens, the death of a parent, Dion faces another impossibility- the discovery of superpowers. As with every superhero, he has a sad backstory. However, that doesn’t mean he lacks support. This series is from the point of view of Nicole, so it follows a parental perspective on a superhero tale. Dion’s mother and his godfather, Pat, are always by his side guiding him down the path of light. This show earns its status as a superhero origin story, as it includes several allusions to famous Marvel and DC comics. It is a family drama with a science fiction twist that anyone can enjoy. It blends humor with a discussion of some tough topics: bereavement, financial instability, and starting over. Neglecting those who are kind to him in order to impress those who aren’t, Dion struggles with finding his identity as a hero while trying to fit in with his peers. As he learns to control his powers, he starts to realize the value of true friendship. His journey is relatable to children his age, making it easy to empathize while watching. 

Raising Dion encourages children of all backgrounds to be resilient, especially children of African-American descent. Dion was raised in a home with a solid community, exemplifying a close-knit African-American family. Dion’s father is the top scientist at his company and his mother is a successful professional dancer. He also has an aunt who is a doctor. This series shows that you can be special and a hero, regardless of your race. Diversity within the show is given a sense of normalcy, and differences are only brought up to teach meaningful lessons. Although this show is not perfect, it is worth the watch to see a fresh take on a superhero origin story.