Why I Love Leslie Knope

Parks and Recreation is a hilarious show that follows Leslie Knope, the deputy director of the Parks department in Pawnee, Indiana, as well as the other members of the department over the course of several years. All the characters are witty and enjoyable to watch, but after watching for several seasons, Leslie became solidified as one of my favorite TV show characters of all time for several reasons.

She is all about empowering women

Leslie is a strong, passionate believer of supporting women instead of tearing them down. She keeps photos of accomplished women in government throughout her office for inspiration. She has so much appreciation for her female friends that she hosts a "Galantine's Day" every year before Valentine's Day. She is always there for her friends and makes certain that they know their value.

She is self-confident

She not only reminds other people of their worth, but she knows her own value, as well. She takes pride in her accomplishments and her work ethic, while encouraging others to do the same. She takes charge of situations because she is usually the best person for the job and she knows it. The path to success might not be easy, but if Leslie is involved, the outcome is going to be great.

She picks herself up

This is my favorite thing about Leslie because it's something that I'm constantly reminding myself to do. Whenever she falls, she only allows herself a little bit of time for sadness and self-pity before she dusts herself off, gets up, and is ready to take on the world again. She knows that her mistakes do not define her, and that the way she bounces back is most important.

These are just a few of many reasons I love Leslie's character, but honestly I just get so excited to see strong female main characters. There are many more TV shows now than when I was younger with empowering female leads who inspire me so much, and I can't wait to watch that trend continue.

Cover image source: Pixabay