Which Fictional Characters Are You? (MBTI Edition)

Like most girls in our high school class, my best friend and I spent much of our time shopping, watching our favorite TV shows, and attempting (but failing) to take cute pictures. Unlike most girls in our class however, my best friend and I also spent an excessive amount of time obsessing over the Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

Providing insight on an individual's perception and judgment, the test, in short, yields 16 different personality types total, each classified as a combination of four different categories: Extroverted/Introverted, Sensing/Intuitive, Feeling/Thinking, and Judging/Perceiving. It was introduced to us initially by our career counseling department, yet somehow transitioned from another mandatory and tedious school task to our own means of pure entertainment.

Though my best friend and I knew the test was incapable of defining every aspect of an individual and his or her life, we found interest in the endless different ways the results could be used. We would read our "Strengths and Weaknesses" lists, evaluating the validity of each point. We would make competitions out of guessing our friends' results before their test-taking session was even over. We would even ponder over which TV show characters we related to the most, making connections between our own personality types and the types of each character on each show.

In honor of that time period, I've compiled a master list of one of the most frequent ways we used the test for entertainment: MBTI types as fictional characters. For those not yet aware of their type, 16personalities is one of the most commonly used sites for test-taking. Though the results can vary each time, pick the Myers-Briggs type that suits you most. Once this is determined, you have officially opened yourself up to the endless fun perks of knowing your MBTI type. Scroll through the list below and find your type among the characters in your favorite TV shows — and enjoy!

  1. Grey's Anatomy

  2. The Office

  3. Once Upon a Time

  4. Harry Potter

  5. Marvel

  6. Star Wars

  7. Disney Princesses

  8. Orange Is the New Black

  9. Pretty Little Liars

  10. One Tree Hill

Cover image source: Pexels