What It's Like to Be in a Long Distance Relationship

Between Northern and Southern California, 404 miles separate me from my long-term and long-distance boyfriend. We met in high school, and we are going into our second year of being in a long -distance relationship as we both pursue our college degrees.

While I'm studying up here in Davis, my boyfriend is going to college down in sunny Los Angeles. Although we have gotten better at being apart, it's definitely not easy. There are a lot of misconceptions about long distance relationships, and it's hard for people to understand them if they have never experienced it themselves.

Despite the difficulty, however, being in a long-distance relationship also has many perks. If you're able to persevere and endure the hardships that come with a long-distance relationship, you will find out how rewarding it can truly be!

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Often times, many young couples become too reliant on one another, causing an unhealthy relationship. Being in a long-distance relationship forces you to become independent. After all, you can't spend every waking moment with your significant other if they live hundreds of miles away.

Long-distance relationships allow for both partners to focus on themselves and their own personal and professional goals, especially during the college years, which are critical in shaping an individual's future. Although it sucks being unable to enjoy all the little successes with my boyfriend by my side, I know we are both supportive of each other pursuing our dreams, and we are always cheering one another on.

Likewise, being in a long-distance relationship allows you to become better at communicating and expressing your emotions. It's difficult to express how you really feel when the only form of communication you have at your hands is FaceTime or texting. Long-distance relationships foster your ability to become better communicators and to express love for one another in an entirely different way. Whether we are disagreeing with one another or just expressing our appreciation for one another, my boyfriend and I have become better at using our words to describe how we feel and have strengthened our relationship.

In addition, every time you get to see your significant other after weeks or months apart, it feels like a vacation. Being in a long-distance relationship also gives you the opportunity to travel to places you might otherwise not have been able to go to! There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my boyfriend walk into a room and being able to hug him or hold his hand again, after spending weeks staring at the countdown app on my phone.

Whether you reunite in your hometown or at each other's college towns, every visit is special and extremely memorable. Whether you decide to do something as big as go to Disneyland or spend all day cuddling and watching a Star Wars marathon, you will find that each little moment is as valuable and important as the next.

Image source: Pexels, Nandhu Kumar

The thought of pursuing a long-distance relationship is also very scary. Honestly, I'm still getting used to it; however, I know I wouldn't trade my relationship for the world.

If you find someone that is worth long distance, you'll find out how rewarding it truly is to stay by their side through all of life's obstacles and difficulties. When the day comes to finally close the distance, you'll know that all those long car rides and FaceTime dates were all worth it!