Watches for Womxn: Feminine or Masculine

What do you see when you imagine a watch? Probably a band with a circle in the middle that contains hands and numbers around the edge. Or maybe you picture the watch on your phone. Although most people rely on ever-present clocks on the walls, in phones, and on computer screens, watches play an important role in our lives. As it is a way to take control of time ─ by always being aware of it.

Image Source: Pexels

A useful watch will have large numbers and an adjustable band to fit any wrist. For some reason though, feminine watches do not fit these criteria. Female watches over many brands have a characteristic look: thin bands, rhinestones, tiny faces and numbers, sometimes numerals. I have always had trouble finding a band that fits my wrist in women’s’ watches. Consequently, when I get a watch it often slides off too easily or will turn and go under my wrist instead of on top. Another issue is that the numbers on my tiny watch face are illegible. Even worse is when a watch has roman numerals: if I am trying to read the time fast, roman numerals do not work for me. In essence, they are accessories, not useful. 

Now, as any modern womxn will tell you, time management is critical for success. Admittedly you could simply look at your phone, but some womxn like watches or are responsible enough not to look at them while driving. Modern trendsetting womxn deserve a watch that works for them and their style.

Some of my friends go to get watches that are useful to them and are criticized for getting a watch that men would use. First off watches should not be gendered. Second, if so-called “ladies' watches” were useful then maybe she would buy one.

According to The Atlantic, the fashion of wearing wristwatches began in the UK when people wanted to be able to tell time whenever. Americans mocked the idea at first. Women began to wear bracelets with watches as a useful fashion piece. Then watches really became popular when soldiers were required to wear watches for better coordination during World War 1. Watches were advertised to men as a way to seem more masculine and soldier-like. The sale of wristwatches even surpassed pocket watches by World War 2. In some ways keeping time no longer makes us feel in control because time reminds us of the things we need to do. While ignoring time for a while is vital for self-care, it is simply impossible for people to ignore it forever. Therefore, I say that everyone should be able to keep time as they please. And if it’s with a watch, there should be useful and stylish options available.