Vivian Connolly '18

Who is Vivian Connolly? 

I’m quiet at first, but once you get to know me, I’m pretty funny. I also care a lot about the people who are close to me. You’ll learn to love my awkwardness.

What’s your favorite movie? Why? 

This is pretty basic, but The Hunger Games. I like it because Katniss is amazing. Who wouldn’t want to be her—she’s strong, empowering, and hot.

What do you find interesting about yourself?

I was born in Germany, but I came to America when I was a month old. I enjoy meeting othr people who I can speak German with. I live in the Bay Area now.

What’s your favorite article of clothing?

Leggings because they're like another layer of skin. They’re not really like pants in that they are more comfortable. They make everyone look good which is a plus.

What are you passionate about?

The environment because I see that we desperately need to change things. It's not even that hard to change them. People can do little things to contribute. They can turn off the shower when they’re not using the water directly, put on socks and a jacket instead of turning on the heater, and buy a Brita filter instead of a case of water bottles.

Best feature on a guy?

Eyes because they’re the first thing you see. It makes it more personal for me to look people in the eyes when I talk to them.

What’s your ideal dog?

A corgi because they’re not the most intelligent dog out there, but they're really cute. They’re also funny and playful. If you like corgis too, I’m getting one soon.

What are you involved with on campus?

I joined Tri Delta this year, I’m Treasurer of Environmental Club, and I’m a barista at Bio Brew.

Why did you join Tri Delta?

They’re a fun and outgoing group that tries to be kind and accepting at all times. I’m a quiet person, but they bring out the extrovert that's hidden inside of me. They make an effort to get to know who I am and use that to bring out the best in me.