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Valentine’s Day for the Long-Distance Relationship

Ah, Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it, it can be a fun romance-filled evening that helps ease the edge of winter weather. Unfortunately, for those of us in long-distance relationships, V-Day can be a downer.

But it doesn't have to be! Sure, it won't be as thrilling as seeing each other in person, but here are a few cheap ways to spice up the romance this February.

1. Dinner and a movie

Just because you're not able to see each other in person doesn't mean all traditions have to be tossed out the window. If you don't feel like getting wild this V-Day, set up a FaceTime date with your S.O. and catch up over dinner. Then, start streaming a movie you've both been wanting to see. You'll both be able to gush over the parts that make you laugh or cry.

2. Mail a care package

Nothing says, "I care about you" more than a surprise package in the mail. Gather up their favorite things — candy, a baked good, a mixtape with songs from the last concert you went to together, or maybe that weird elementary school photo they found of you that they're obsessed with. Bonus points if you throw in a heartfelt letter!

3. Surprise them with food

Know their favorite Thai restaurant or pizza place? Schedule a surprise delivery dinner! Need I say more?

4. Schedule a trip

Distance is brutal, but it always helps to have an upcoming visit to look forward to! Maybe the easiest way to get through Valentine's Day is knowing you have a mini-vacation with your S.O. planned after your next round of midterms. Surprise them on V-Day morning by sending your transportation confirmation via email and start planning your next adventure!

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