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Need some inspiration for Valentine’s Day this year? I’ve got you covered! Even though Valentine’s Day is a little less a month away, it’s always good to plan ahead so you don’t have to scramble for ideas the week before. These options are sure to make a romantic night with your significant other.

1. Pack a picnic!

There’s no going wrong with a picnic full of your favorite foods. Stake out your favorite place, or even find a nice spot of grass in the arboretum and spend some quality time together.

Photo Source: Unsplash, Brittany Gaiser

2. Movie theater & dinner.

It’s a good ol’ classic, but it’s always nice to hit the town and eat some fresh popcorn together! Get dressed up, take a picture and enjoy some food you both love (and don’t have to cook).

Photo Source: Unsplash, Kilyan Sockalingum

3. Stargazing

It may sound corny, but looking at the night sky with your loved one is quiet, beautiful and so romantic! If you want to go all out, pack some blankets and champagne or hot cocoa.

Photo Source: Unsplash, John Reign Abarintos

4. Go on a hike.

Get some fresh air and enjoy nature (make sure to pack some water!).

Photo Source: Unsplash, Holly Mandarich

5. Busy? Stay inside and cook a homemade dinner.

Valentine’s Day is smack dab in the middle of the week this year, so don’t feel bad if your hectic schedules don’t align for a full day’s worth of fun. Cooking your favorite meal together in your pajamas is the definition of romantic and sweet. If you want to turn the romance up a notch, light a fire or candles!

Photo Source: Unsplash, Mel Turner

Cover Photo Source: Unsplash, Brigitte Tohm

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