The Top 7 Halloween Movies

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I love getting in the spirit by watching some of my favorite spooky movies. I promise, none of them are too scary, so put some candy corn in a bowl and get ready for a movie night full of ghosts, witches, and monsters!

1. Hocus Pocus

This one is a Disney classic. From the talking cat to the terrible special effects, I love this movie with all my heart. It’s corny, but it’s a keeper!

2. Sleepy Hollow

Johnny Depp plays Ichabod Crane, who must investigate the mysterious killings happening in a rural village. A retelling of the legend of the Headless Horseman, this movie has a great creepy atmosphere without being too scary.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Yeah, this is more of a Christmas movie, but Jack Skellington is the perfect Halloween character. I can’t resist watching Tim Burton’s stop-motion masterpiece in time for the beginning of the holiday season.

4. Rosemary's Baby

Mia Farrow plays a paranoid wife who becomes convinced her neighbors are trying to steal her unborn child and sacrifice it to Satan. This movie is crazy suspenseful, but it’s so perfect for Halloween that I always end up watching it at least once before October 31st!

5.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I actually have no idea why this is a Halloween tradition, but this movie is guaranteed to be playing on at least a few channels. This cult-classic is more kooky than scary, making this an exceptionally fun flick.

6. The Addams Family

Honestly, this movie makes me laugh every time. A spin on the 1960's television show, The Addams Family puts a young Cristina Ricci in the spotlight as the delightfully goth Wednesday Addams.

7. Beetlejuice

After a young couple dies in a car accident, they haunt their own house, trying to get rid of the new family that moves in. With Winona Ryder as the daughter of new family, this movie is also more kooky than scary, but don’t get me wrong--there are some seriously disturbing moments in this film!

Happy Halloween, readers!