A Toast to the Resistance

Content warning: mentions of sexual assault

It’s no secret that the Kavanaugh hearings have taken over the media over the past month, but Kavanaugh is not the only one who is being captured by the media. Everyday, whether there has been a hearing or not, there have been protestors, ready to make their voices heard in the opposition to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice. Survivors, politicians, students, and hundreds more have taken it within them and have utilized their first amendment right. Many have even been arrested during their protest, but they do not let these setbacks stop their spirit. So, here’s a toast to them for being outspoken and unafraid.

To the handmaid’s protestors, who we began their silent peaceful protest from early September. 

To the woman who have been able to sit in the hearing room and their nonverbal expressions are simply powerful.

To the woman senators who have demonstrated their support and stood up in protest.

To the survivor who showed no fear when expressing her pain, anger, and strength to a senator.

To those who although are not at capitol hill, are still taking the time to go to the streets and demonstrate their support.

A toast to those who believe her whether they be a member of the public or a senator whose apart of the Judiciary Committee. 

Finally, a toast to the woman who is bravely telling her story to not just the nation but the world.