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Tips for Staying Body Positive in the Summer

Summer should be a time to enjoy time outside and to experiment with warmer weather clothes. Unfortunately, for some of us who aren’t super confident about our bodies, getting out and partaking in summer activities can be hard. But regardless of how you feel about your body, everyone deserves to have fun and take advantage of the nice weather. So, here are 4 tips to help you stay as body positive as possible during the summer!

1. Wear clothing that you’re comfortable in

If you don’t feel great about your body, wearing more revealing “summer clothes” can be uncomfortable. A simple solution to this is just to wear whatever makes you feel best! Obviously, don’t go out in 90 degree weather wearing jeans and a thick sweater. But if a long, flowy skirt or long-sleeve blouse is going to make you feel more comfortable than a tight tank top and short denim skirt, then go for that instead! Likewise, if wearing minimal clothing is what makes you feel like your most confident self, then go for it. Wearing weather appropriate clothing that fits properly and is your own style can do wonders for your confidence. You don’t have to wear something just because everyone else is, and your opinion on your outfit is what matters the most. 

2. Get a swimsuit that works for you

Given that summer is the perfect time for swimming or lying out by the pool, you are probably going to get invited at some point to go somewhere that requires wearing a swimsuit. That being said, sometimes the thought of going out in public with barely any clothing on can be daunting. But, there are a lot of options for styles of swimsuits, and there is definitely one out there that is perfect for everyone. For example, when I was in high school, I only wore very small bikinis because that’s what all my friends wore, and I never felt completely comfortable in them. In the past year or so though, I’ve discovered how much I love one-piece suits, and how cute they can be! Don’t feel like you have to wear a specific style just because it’s what everyone else has. 

3. Exercise and eat healthy

Taking good care of your physical health and listening to what your body needs can do wonders for your confidence. For me personally, I always feel more confident after eating something like a smoothie or a big salad than I do junk food (although eating junk is perfectly fine in moderation!). Exercise is great for increasing your confidence as well, and warmer weather gives you the chance to try out new things. Instead of being cooped up in the gym (unless you’re into that), go outside and try something new! Go for a run, play volleyball, go hiking, or walk in the arboretum, are good choices, just to name a few. There is an endless amount of activities that count as exercise that you can do in the summer, so take the time to find something you love doing. 

4. Remember that no one cares as much as you do

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by your insecurities, just take a step back and realize that you are harder on yourself than anyone else ever could be. I know it sounds cheesy, but literally everyone has insecurities about their bodies, and summer is unfortunately a time where those insecurities are often brought to the surface. So if you see a girl at the beach who you think looks perfect, there’s a good chance that she is worried about something silly; like how her stomach has rolls when she slouches, how big or small her thighs are, or how unimpressive she thinks the size of her butt is. To be honest, everyone is so busy worrying about themselves that they likely don’t notice the things about you that you perceive as physical flaws. With this in mind, do your best to push those insecurities to the back of your mind, and give yourself permission to relax and have fun. 

Although staying body positive during the summer can be difficult, hopefully these tips will help you in combating your physical insecurities. Just remember, no matter how you look or how you feel about yourself, you are just as worthy of feeling the sun on your skin as everyone else is.

Sarah is currently pursuing a degree in Design (with a focus in UI/UX design and graphic design) and a minor in communications. After graduation, she hopes to work in app design/production or packaging and marketing design. In her free time, she can probably be found reading, painting, exercising, dancing, or cooking and exploring new restaurants with her friends.