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Welcome back students of UC Davis! We have officially started and ended the first week of spring quarter here at UC Davis. Something that I love immensely about UC Davis during this time is the changing landscapes but also the weather. I love when Davis is in the 70s and everyone is just out and about, enjoying life and soaking everything in. On the days where the weather has been very enjoyable, I tune into my favorite summer playlist to get into the summer mode. Although, recently the weather has been quite confusing. There have been days where the clouds have become gray, it has started raining, and the wind is sweeping you away.

Original photo by Johanna Weeks

So my main question is, what is up with this weather? Spring has started but we still have days where it is extremely cold, or it is raining. It is pretty hard to tell what the weather is going to be like, especially for those of us that want to go out and enjoy Davis in a not gloomy environment. For people like me, when Davis becomes warm and the temperature is hitting the 80s, I love going out to the pool and tanning. There are so many events that become enjoyable during the spring season. Those events include the neighborhood market and the farmers market. These two events are in an outdoor environment and it just feels a lot better being outside and downtown. Although if I am being honest I do not like Davis during the summer season—the weather in Davis during the summer months is extremely brutal and harsh.

For me, Davis is only enjoyable during both the fall and spring seasons. Another thing that I love about springing into spring is the amount of movement there is on campus and downtown. Everyone just comes alive, peoples spirits get lifted completely when the sun is beaming on us. Typically, during the fall and winter quarters here, no one is walking around and everyone is to themselves. So it is very nice to see everyone who sits on the quad, enjoying the weather and relaxing in the environment. As I mentioned that the weather has been confusing recently, this weekend we are supposed to get hit with around 80 degrees but on the weekend the weather app is saying that it’s going to start raining.

As much as I love thriving during the spring quarter the weather is messing up the ambiance that spring gives off. The cold and windy weather does not make these beginning months of spring quarter feel like spring quarter. It makes it feel like we are back in winter quarter and have not left that era of the school year, more specifically, my sophomore year. The weather needs to change immediately for us to officially be in the spring quarter mindset and for us to begin to change how we feel. I do feel like most students get out of their seasonal depression once spring hits and we are in the middle of quarter.

Hi!! Alejandra is currently a second year Design major here at UC Davis! In her free time she loves reading, baking, drawing, pretty much anything artistic she loves to do.