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It was not that long ago that the Met Gala occurred and swept the media into a frenzy. I personally love the first Monday of May just because of this event. This year’s theme for the Met Gala was Sleeping Beauties: sustainable fashion theme. Every year it is always a mystery which celebrities will attend and whether or not they follow the theme. This year’s theme was a little confusing figuring out what would best follow this specific theme. Every year I feel like Miranda from The Devil Wear Prada, judging and criticizing celebrities’ choices of fashion. As a design major I thoroughly enjoy seeing how creative these designers get with the celebrity wearing their design.

This year I think the person that best represented the “Sleeping Beauty” theme would be Kendall Jenner. She wore vintage Givenchy haute couture from Alexander McQueen from the fall 1999 season. Something that made this outfit so spectacular for the Met Gala was the fact that it literally was a sleeping beauty. No model or person from that year wore that dress. It was preserved in the vaults of Alexander McQueen and Kendall Jenner was the first person and model to strut the runway in that dress. The dress in particular was beautiful, it truly gave a vibe that related to Maleficent. It was dark, beaded and drapey, it felt very mysterious and fit the overall theme. All of the stylistic choices that were made for her in particular matched the aesthetic that her and her team were trying to achieve. A second look that I loved was Jessica Serfaty Michel in Dolce and Gabbana. Although this look was not dark and mysterious like Kendall Jenner’s look, it was much more floral and bright. The Met Gala is supposed to be an event dedicated to fashion and the creative minds of designers.

Every year it is almost disappointing to see some of the looks that celebrities bring. Some people do the Met Gala correctly but it’s almost rare. A celebrity that almost always dresses to impress especially for the Met Gala is Zendaya. This year she was selected to be a co-chair along with a few others, and she really came out with the outfits. She wore two dresses: the first outfit was designed by John Galliano and the second outfit was vintage Givenchy. Both had very different aesthetics to the theme but they both matched it perfectly. She also followed the dark and mysterious aesthetic that can be interpreted for the Met Gala. The male celebrities come every year and every year they all somehow chose to wear the exact same outfit, a black suit and tie. I have always wondered why these men never follow the theme, but come to the event? And why designers proactively chose to make these extravagant and glamorous outfits for the women yet they do not put the same energy for the men? Personally this was not my favorite theme that the Met Gala has selected, it seemed almost too basic considering that it’s the Met. Next year, and the year that follows, the men need to step up to the plate and take risker choices in their fashion.

Hi!! Alejandra is currently a second year Design major here at UC Davis! In her free time she loves reading, baking, drawing, pretty much anything artistic she loves to do.