A Thank You Note to Davis

As a freshman, if you asked me whether I would miss Davis over the summer, I would have probably said no. Now, as a graduating senior, I find myself realizing that I'll miss Davis more than I'd like to admit.

People constantly ask, "What's so great about Davis?" Four years ago, I couldn't give you an answer, but now I have a list that would take too long to write out. Instead of writing out the one billion reasons I'll miss Davis, I'll just write a brief thank you note instead, to show why I'll miss Davis and why it's just that great.


Dear Davis,

There are a number of things that I'm thankful for and there aren't really the right words to express my gratitude. But I guess I'll start off by thanking you for the lasting friendships and the people I've met. They've shaped me and my perspective of the world in ways that wouldn't have been possible had I gone elsewhere. So here’s a thank you to all my friends: friends I've made in classes, friends in the same organizations as me, the friends of my friends, and my housemates, for being there quarter after quarter. Your support has meant everything to me.

Davis, thank you for teaching me that small voices can be heard if they shout loud enough, and that my opinion matters. You gave me the confidence to express myself and to advocate for important causes that wouldn't be talked about otherwise.   

Thank you for giving me some useful life lessons and skills, like that you should probably approach all things with skepticism (politics, authority, the status quo), and that you should probably do your own research if you want to verify something. Do go to the farmer's market often and don't skip out on dinner with friends. These little lessons are things I hope I never forget.

Another shout out to Davis, for teaching me that what I'm interested in is important. Though it might not matter to someone else, it's still valid because it matters to you. Study what you want, do things that make you happy, and don't live up to anyone else's expectations - they aren't yours. So thanks, for letting me do what I want to do.

Davis, you also really challenged me. Though I'll admit that I didn't want to thank you for that, I've got to. Because somehow, even when I thought I couldn't handle it or wasn't good enough, I made it through. Thanks for teaching me that I'm not as breakable as I thought.

Davis, we've been through a lot these past four years... And I wouldn't have it any other way.


A Graduating Senior


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