Thank You Her Campus

I’ve always had an interest in writing and it is something I love to do in my free time. I believe that writing can be an incredibly powerful tool for individuals. I’ve tried different outlets such as keeping blogs and writing down my stories, but neither ever fully worked for me because I didn’t always keep myself accountable to write often. However, discovering Her Campus the summer before my senior year turned out to be one of the best writing opportunities for me. I love the mission of Her Campus: to provide womxn with the opportunity to share their stories and experiences in a very opening and welcoming space. The articles that my peers write are amazing and range across topics such as mental health, college life, shopping advice, and lifestyle tips. 

Image Source: Pexels

This magazine has truly helped me find my voice in writing, and I am extremely grateful. I think I am a stronger writer and know my writing style now because of the type of work I was able to do with this organization. I wish I could continue writing for Her Campus after I graduate, but sadly this my last article. (Where is the alumni chapter of Her Campus, because if there was one, sign me up!) I know that the magazine will be left in good hands and continue the tradition of badass womxn writers! To all my womxn-identifying writers out there, don’t be afraid to let your voices be heard and find a writing outlet that works for you, because your narratives matter!

Image Source: Unsplash