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Stay United

As college students, whether we are here as freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors, or super seniors, we have all gotten our taste of what it means to be united- a part of something.

For some of us it is being a part of a sports team, for others it was joining the cooking club, mock trial team, sorority, fraternity, or a different association on campus. Maybe it was getting that dream internship where you met your closest group of friends, or maybe it was the late night job that had you up after hours with the night owls you never imagined yourself with. Regardless of the activity or group in which we have been involved, they all have commonality – they are a group of students, teachers, or adults united, coming together as one.

In essence you create a community, a united voice like protesters have in the past couple of weeks with the Occupy movements.

People around the world have become aware of this movement and the seriousness of this movement through mainstream publications, word of mouth, and even first hand experiences.

This movement has been categorized by scarring videos, images, slanders, and outrage.

It is clear that such times warrant the use of words like chaos, injustice, violence, and brutality.

But these words should not limit us.

Instead, we must remember these times with words like unity, strength, peace, assembly, and compassion.

It is the unity of our campus community: of our friends, fellow classmates, and professors that should and must be remembered.

The Occupy movement has reached international news. But not all of us know how to deal with it. I, for one, am unsure of what will happen next or what to do. One thing I am sure of is that students, like myself, must stay united and feel safe. As the quarter winds down and we set off for Thanksgiving break,I encourage all of my fellow students to truly take time to reflect.

This issue is not only relevant to those who are protesting. It is our issue and as students of this university, we all must find a way to understand what is going on. Our classes teach us to have our own voice, they tell us our opinions matter, and that we are the future.

And they are absolutely right.

We are the future. We must understand the present to create the future. Talk about it to your friends, professors, family or peers. Write about it in a journal, in a letter, or a safe place that doesn’t have to necessarily be for the public to see. Read about it from different angles to understand where you stand. Make the choice that is right for you.

Within the last couple of days I have seen more compassion among my fellow Aggies than ever before. Food donations, tent donations, silent protests and an overwhelming presence of compassion has flooded our community. What this has shown those of us in Davis, and more importantly the rest of the world is that amongst the chaos there is peace. Within our small Davis community people care for each other in a way that outshines violence. Be proud to be an Aggie and remember, being a part of something will always matter – stay united.

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