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As a first year at Davis, I have heard a lot of buzz about spring quarter and all the activities that go along with it. My highly anticipated bucket list has been building, and I’m excited about finally getting the opportunity to start checking off all the events on it. Here is my bucket list for my first spring quarter.

1. Attend Picnic Day.

One of the most anticipated events amongst UC Davis students is the annual Picnic Day. Whether it’s the Doxie Derby or the Chemistry magic show, Picnic Day racks in at number one on the Davis spring quarter bucket list. Picnic day has become a spring quarter essential, and I personally cannot wait to attend all of the events put on.

2. Go skydiving in Davis.

Davis offers a life-changing experience at Skydance SkyDiving to sky dive with all your closest friends. With the warm weather, it’s the perfect time for skydiving.

                                                                             Image Credit: Kamil Pietrzak

3. Go to the Graduate.

Right across from campus, the Davis Graduate offers a lot of fun things to do at night. From salsa night to trivia night, you can make memories while also picking up new skills and potential hobbies. If not spring quarter, then when?

4. Lay by the MU in the hammocks.

Laying by the MU, or just your favorite sunny spot around campus, can be so relaxing. De-stressing by getting some sunshine in is a must in spring, and you can even bring your favorite book!

5. Work out at the new ARC.

Even though UC Davis is constantly under construction, sometimes there are good reasons. The ARC has finally opened again, and everyone is eager to swing by! Getting in a quick workout before class may just have to move up on your to-do list this spring.

6. Stroll in the arboretum.

The arboretum is blossoming and it must be checked out this spring quarter! Whether it’s to go for a jog, or to sit there with nature, the arboretum can calm you down.

                                                                    Image Credit: Joshua Ness

7. Play beach volleyball at the courts.

With spring comes volleyball! Inviting friends and passing the volleyball back and forth can keep you going this spring. Who knows? You could even make some new friends!

8. Watch the sunset on top of the Pavilion parking garage.

The classic Pavilion parking garage is known for 2 things: parking and the best spot to see the sunset and sunrise. Bring a blanket and some good company!

9. Exploring the farmers market.

Now I know, we’ve all probably already been to the farmers market. But, now that the sun’s back, it’s time to finally get your farmers market hat that you’ve always said you’ll get next time.

                                                                  Image Credit: Kimberly Mears

10. Stargaze.

When the skies are clear at night, one of the best things to do can be to stargaze. No matter where in Davis, it has to be a must-do for spring.

What are you waiting for? Davis has so much to offer, and spring quarter is ready to welcome you with open arms. The opportunities are there if you go and seek them.

Abby is a fourth year at the University of California, Davis majoring in Human Development and Psychology. She enjoys music, spending time with friends, the outdoors, and writing.
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