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Spring Cleaning Studying Habits for Spring Quarter

Winter quarter of 2018 was not the quarter I envisioned it to be during winter break. I hoped that winter quarter will repeat the same results that I worked so hard for in fall: straight A’s.

Winter quarter was not so kind; I failed a class for the very first time. While failing is a difficult pill to swallow, I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to be a better student. Here’s a few study habits I’ve learned I really need to change; habits that you might need to change and improve yourself for a new quarter.

1. Truly use the resources available on campus.

It’s one of the most obvious pieces of advice any person can give, but it’s very easy to take it for granted. I didn’t take advantage of the tutors available and relied heavily on the available office hours, which often clashed with my classes which made it difficult to attend every single one.

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2. Turn of all electronic devices

It’s very easy to get distracted by electronic devices. A few minutes checking sites for a “study break” can turn into hours of procrastination. Looking outside the window is a much more beneficial activity in the long term than checking Facebook!

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3. Do not rewrite notes!

Rewriting notes is not productive even though some recommend it to be. It’s honestly just a waste of time (for me at least). I focused more on writing the words than actually learning what I wrote down. Learning is not a guarantee!

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4. Do practice problems

As an English major, doing this for my math class was quite odd and unfamiliar. Rough drafts are essentially a blueprint of a final product that is continuously being perfected, while practice problems are just that: practice. It was quite difficult to wrap my head around such a concept. If you’re in the humanities, and you’re taking a class that is associated in the STEM field, this is VERY important to do.

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5. Highlighting!

Don’t highlight in just one color, but in a variety of colors. Colors help the brain remember things a lot better and faster. I will never underline in dull gray pencil markings ever again!

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The beginning of the quarter is the best time to change how studying should be approached. The earlier the better!

I'm a second year student with a double major in English and International Relations at UCD. I love hot chocolate, the fall season, and is a little too obsessed with kpop. 
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