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Spook-tacular: 7 DIY Halloween Decorations to Make Your Home Less Boo-ring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

As the night sets in, you hear voices outside your door: “Ring the doorbell.” “No, don’t, the house looks kind of empty.” “Yeah, I don’t think anyone lives here.” Then, the voices start to fade as the footsteps turn in the opposite direction, away from your house. Confused, but with suspicion wavering in the back of your mind, your head jolts towards the calendar, and a scary realization hits you: it’s October 31st, and you’re that house. Not to worry, with these 7 DIY Halloween decorations, you can save your reputation and your wallet.

1. Trash Bag Spider Webs

You enter the checkout line at the store, convincing yourself that you absolutely need that large roll of garbage bags considering how often you plan on taking out the trash — but three months later, it’s still sitting there. Whether it’s hanging by a hook on your ceiling or plastered to your front door, these easy-to-make trash bag spider webs are sure to spook up your door, daring the trick-or-treaters to reach for the cobweb-covered doorbell.

2. Silhouette Lamp Shade Decorations

It’s Halloween, which means the only reason you should have the lights on is if it’s somehow more haunting than the dark. So grab some scissors, glue, and construction paper and make your lamp shade come alive with a spotlight on these eerie creatures.

3. Tin Can Ghost Windsock

Whether it’s from soup or from paint, the pile in your garage grows larger and larger each day, because as you keep telling yourself, you’re eventually going to recycle them. Well, it’s time to use these tin cans for something other than that recycling-that’s-never-going-to-happen. So reach into that pile, grab some glue, paint, and some leftover birthday streamers and let these windsocks haunt in the howling wind.

4. Hanging Bats

Just because the leaves are starting to fall doesn’t mean the tree branches have to continue looking bare! All you need is some construction paper, scissors, string, and perhaps a spine-chilling wind; let these swinging bats turn your front yard into a land of make-believe.

5. Illuminated Ghost Lanyard

It’s time to do something a little different with that ratty old, white t-shirt and those dorm lights from freshman year. Grab some scissors and some string, and add a ghostly touch to your haunted house.

6. Paper Bag Lights

Lunches aren’t the only thing these brown paper bags can be used for; with simply a hole-puncher to pop out letters, scissors to cut from stencils, and either a candle or spare torch light, these lit paper bags definitely make the statement that string lights are so last year.

7. Driveway Skulls

They could be skewers from a barbecue or chopsticks from Chinese takeout; either way, these sticks paired with easy-to-make skeleton cutouts are sure to spook up your driveway. Line them up on either side of the path, and make the deathly journey to your haunted house one to reconsider.

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