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This article contains spoilers for Sex and the City! 

Sex and the City raised a generation of women. It’s the perfect mix of love, sex and friendship. As I’ve gotten older and re-watched the series I’ve formed new opinions on each of the characters and how their growth has affected them. Here’s a review: 


Ah, Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte. You had to love her in all of her Upper East Side glory. Her views may have been a bit harsh but at the end of the day, she just wanted to find love and live her perfect life. Her first marriage with Trey was traumatic enough for her – between him not being able to have sex with her in the beginning, then once they overcame that obstacle, he no longer wanted a baby. I feel like that was her tipping point into letting herself loose and enjoying what’s actually around her rather than trying to have a perfect storybook life. Her relationship with the girls didn’t seem that strong at first because of her different views but as the show progresses, you see that she was the ‘eternal optimist’ (as Carrie wrote) that held the whole group together. Every friend group needs a Charlotte to challenge their views, but also to display unconditional love and support. 


Miranda had the biggest plot twist in the whole series, a baby?!? I would describe Miranda as a stubborn, emotionally unavailable, yet loyal friend. Her job as a lawyer didn’t make it easy for her to learn patience and dependability, but once her baby came into the picture, she was a changed woman. I believe that even though her and Steve are polar opposites, he balanced her out in every way, shape, and form. She needed to be with someone who wasn’t as uptight and serious as she was! Carrie and Miranda had a closer relationship than the rest of the girls because whenever Miranda needed it, Carrie would lend a listening ear and would never judge. 


Samantha was my favorite character. She knew her self worth and what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to let everyone know! At first I didn’t like how her first outlet out of any problem was to be with a man, but as time went on, she realized that the only people who were there to stay were her girls. Even though her and Richard’s relationship was pure chaos and turmoil, she was still able to put herself first and break up with him. Samantha is always there for her friends when they need her, probably more than any of the other characters. She always knew how to cheer them up with a night out at the hottest restaurants followed by ending the night in a bar with the hottest men. The world cannot revolve without the Samantha’s out there. 


Where do I even begin? Carrie was doomed from the start once she met Mr. Big. They were the definition of a toxic couple. Between going on and off for a season then having a secret affair while he was married and she was dating Aidan is enough for me to be against it. I think that Carrie was the most self-centered character on the show, but nobody realized because she was the ‘main character’. She spent all of her money on expensive shoes and cheated on her great loves. You’d expect as time goes on that she would mature, but I didn’t see it. She ended the show with Big (shocker) and didn’t learn anything from all of her past relationships and writing. She expected that everyone would drop what they were doing for her, but she wouldn’t do the same. Sorry for the bad review Carrie, sometimes people just need more time to grow. 

All in all, every character in Sex and the City played a fundamental role in the show but some had more growth than others. Every friend group needs their raging optimist, stubborn lawyer, here for a good time not a long time friend, and the one who just can’t seem to get their stuff together. Which Sex and the City character do you think you are? 

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