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I love coffee and coffee loves me. We have a very intimate relationship but we’re not monogamous. I love to go out and try new spots around Davis so here’s a ranking of the latest six coffee shops I’ve had recently. 

Coming in at number six is Pachamama Coffee Company. Great location, cute decor, but average coffee. I ordered a small hot Lavender Latte and paid close to 7 dollars. At the first sip I tasted the lavender more than the coffee but there was a strong aftertaste of bitterness. My friend ordered the Iced Pacha Macha and gave it a 5/10 because “It was nothing special. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad.” 

Number five, Starbucks is up for debate between the coffee-drinking community. With high prices and decreasing quality of drinks, it is no wonder Starbucks is on its downfall. Last time I went I ordered a classic Iced Vanilla Latte and was disappointed. The drink was watery and the vanilla syrup was too strong (Yes, next time I can order it with fewer pumps of syrup). I know the drink varies based on each barista but I feel that as I’ve expanded my coffee portfolio, Starbucks is just not my favorite anymore. 

A Davis favorite (forced or not) Peet’s, ranks itself at number four. Whenever you need a pick-me-up on campus, Peet’s is always right there (hence, forced). My favorite is the Iced Vanilla Latte from California Hall Peet’s. Sometimes it can be a little watery, but their coffee is so smooth and decently priced compared to others in Davis. 

Black Frog Coffee is on the leaderboard at number three with its unique flavors of coffee and kind employees. Although it’s on the outskirts of downtown Davis it’s definitely worth a try. I ordered the Lavender Mint Coffee and couldn’t get enough of it. It was a little sweet for me so next time  I’d order it less sweet. One of my friends ordered the Caramel Macchiato and said “Better than Starbucks and Peet’s!” 

Another Davis staple, Mishka’s, is a community favorite at number two. Their unique shop has food and delicious coffee that’s roasted upstairs! I ordered their Rose Latte and loved the latte art on top. Sitting inside a cafe with natural light and sipping coffee is the elite coffee experience. The coffee wasn’t too bitter and not too sweet either. Not to mention it was the perfect amount of caffeine for me to finish four assignments in less than an hour. 

Even though it’s a chain, Philz comes in as number one for me. Between the Mint Mojito, Rosè, and Philtered Soul, I cannot get enough. I love that you can customize the cream level, sugar, and milk they use! Their shops always have good vibes when you walk in and the smell of coffee makes you want to melt. It’s a perfect place to go with friends and talk or knock out some homework. 

In conclusion, Davis has many coffee shops around town and even though I haven’t tried all of them, I’m determined to by the time I graduate. Of the six I listed, my top three were Black Frog, Mishka’s and Philz. Got to go, my coffee’s getting cold! 

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