Profile: A UC Davis Student during Spring Quarter

Photo Creds: Kirsten Burrell

Springtime brings new life to UC Davis with a new season. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, birds are tweeting, squirrels are EVERYWHERE, and UC Davis students return to campus after catching up on the sleep lost during finals week. Following a jam-packed Winter Quarter, Spring Quarter is a chance for a fresh start. The song “Here Comes the Sun” enters one’s mind when this new quarter approaches. With the wet and cold weather of winter (hopefully) behind us, UC Davis Aggies take delight in our sunny, golden campus looking its best. 

Spring Quarter is generally considered to be the best quarter of them all by students and faculty alike, and there are many reasons why this is the case. First years and transfer students who are experiencing this phenomenon for the first time are in for a real treat, served sunny side up! An Aggie in Spring Quarter is different from any other.                                       

The UC Davis Aggie enters a new quarter with a new excitement for the fascinating new classes to take, new opportunities to chase, and more chances to go to the famous Davis Farmers Market. During spring, Aggies are all looking forward to something with a shiny glint in their eye. Whether it’s Picnic Day, the Whole Earth Festival, Decision Day, summertime, or collecting their well-deserved diplomas, there is a reason to be excited. Student’s planners are highlighted in vibrant colors marking their new classes and counting down to new opportunities and events. A countdown to watching the Battle of the Bands on Picnic Day, going to a performance at the Mondavi Center, eating pesto garlic fries at Whole Earth (drooling), or a trip to the farmers market not once but twice in the same week! UC Davis students are a hard-working bunch; we deserve to have our fun.

The Joy of Spring Quarter is almost palpable. Collecting in groups of happy beings on the quad or by the arboretum, the student population is lively, smiley, and wonderful. The reopened rec pool and the hammocks on the quad receive an influx in population when the quarter begins and lasts right through to the end of the academic year. Aggies adorn themselves with SPF to take on a new quarter, or if they don’t they should, as protection is important. Though it may be allergy season (unfortunately), it is the season to be outside and, as clichéd as it may be, have fun in the sun.

Photo Creds: Kirsten Burrell

We are finishing the year off strong, and having fun at the same time.

Good Luck Aggies! From Her Campus at UCD, we hope you have a spectacular Spring Quarter!


*Thumbnail courtesy of Kirsten Burrell