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Predictions for The Bachelor Finale from an Expert

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

The day we have been dreading for two months is almost upon us: The Bachelor finale. Ben Higgins is down to his final two ladies, JoJo and Lauren, and soon we will see who his heart adores more. Because I have watched every season of both franchises since 2010, I am somewhat of an expert (and yes I do still have a life). So put your seatbelt on, ladies, because I am about to walk through his relationship with each girl and make my case as to why Lauren will be the future Mrs. Higgins.

Season Recap


Before I jump into the final two, let’s briefly recap the season. Ben started with 28 ladies at The Bachelor mansion in L.A. On the first night he gave the first impression rose to Olivia, but as we came to find out she was incredibly cocky with an impressively large mouth. He eventually sent her packing in the Bahamas, and Becca Tilley, a fan favorite after her appearance on the last Bachelor season, was sent home soon after. Next came the hometowns, where Ben met the families of JoJo, Lauren, Amanda, and Caila. Amanda was eliminated because Ben didn’t feel that he was ready to be a dad, which is totally understandable. Finally, the last episode we saw was when Ben said “I love you” to both JoJo and Lauren, sending Caila home.



JoJo always stood out from the beginning of the season. She is obviously beautiful, but she is incredibly down to earth and easy going, and her and Ben built an undeniably strong foundation for their relationship. However, their foundation wasn’t a romantic one–rather, it gave off the vibes of two people who are meant to be best friends. I think Ben truly does care about her, and totally meant it when he told her he loved her, but I think he was saying it more like “I love you as a person”, not “I’m in love with you.”



Lauren has been a front-runner since early on. Lauren is 25, seems very mature and loving, and is very bubbly. She exudes happiness, and I feel that every characteristic of her personality fits on paper with what Ben wants in a wife. Fast-forward to hometown dates, and we saw that Ben actually started crying while talking about Lauren to her family. This is something he did not even come close to doing for the other girls.

My Predictions

With all of this taken into consideration, I feel that it is very obvious he will choose Lauren. The chemistry between them is so strong that even the producers couldn’t edit it out to throw us off. I really do think they are perfect for each other, and I hope that JoJo becomes the next Bachelorette. As for that mysterious phone call Ben makes during the final moments? I think he simply calls up Lauren’s family to ask for her hand in marriage, showing how much of a gentleman he is until the very end.

Prepare your Bachelor viewing snacks and tissues now, because the finale is sure to be emotional!


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