Packing Tips and Tricks for Your Spring Break Trip

Spring break is coming, and some of you might be going on a vacation or taking a trip back home! Traveling can be stressful, especially when packing for a long vacation. Here are some of the tips and tricks I use when traveling that can help take away some of the anxiety and stress of packing.

Image source: Pexels

1. Roll your clothes.

Simply folding your clothes can make them really bulky and take up a lot of space in your luggage. Try folding them and then rolling them to make compact rolls that will take up very little space in your luggage. You can stack your rolled clothing horizontally and vertically in your luggage, as this method allows you to put one article of clothing on top of another one, creating layers of clothing rolls. Rolling your clothes will allow you to pack more articles of clothing with you on your trip than traditional folding will.

2. Have an extra bag for socks, underwear, and bras.

Small items of clothing such as socks, underwear, and bras can easily get lost in the midst of your fully packed luggage. Placing these items into a separate, smaller bag that you can fit into your luggage or carry-on bag will make it a lot easier for you to find these important items when you need them.

3. Pack basics.

Pack your favorite pair of jeans and multiple plain, monochromatic shirts that you can re-wear with different outfits. Jeans and monochromatic shirts can be re-worn (shh, don’t tell my mom) multiple times so if you pack the items that look the best on you, you can wear them on separate occasions with different jackets, shoes, and accessories. Packing pieces that you can re-wear will help you save a ton of space in your luggage.

4. Don’t bring your entire makeup collection.

The beauty of makeup products is that many of them can be multi-purpose. Instead of bringing along your bulky eyeshadow palette, you can create a natural eye makeup look using your face bronzer and highlighter. A pink or red liquid lip color can also double as a cream blush. Doubling up the uses of your everyday makeup items will save you a lot of space.

5. Bring an empty water bottle in your carry-on bag.

We all know that airport prices are way too high, especially for water bottles. Thankfully, airports have water fountains and some even have fountains made specifically for filling water bottles, so there is no need to spend $5 on a water bottle at the airport convenience store. Simply bring an empty water bottle in your carry-on bag and fill it up using one of the fountains after you pass through security.

6. Pack a few light snacks.

Not only is water overpriced in airports, but so are snacks. To ensure that you don’t get hungry and give in to buying an overpriced bag of chips at the airport or in the airplane, pack a small bag of nuts, chips, or dried fruit in your carry-on bag. This will curve your hunger on the flight and save you some cash that you can use on your trip instead of at the airport.

7. Use rubber bands on your cords.

Nowadays, many of us travel with multiple cords ─ phone chargers, headphones, etc. Wrapping your miscellaneous cords with rubber bands and putting them all into a small coin purse will keep them from tangling and make it easier for you to find them when you need them.

8. Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane.

If you are traveling somewhere cold, it would be a good idea to wear your heaviest jacket and pair of boots onto the plane. While this may make security a bit of a hassle, you will save a ton of space in your luggage and keep yourself warm during your flight.

9. Place dryer sheets between clothes for fresh scented clothing.

Dryer sheets don’t take up any space and they are virtually weightless so placing them in between clothes in your luggage won’t add any weight or hassle. When you open up your luggage, your clothes will smell fresh and clean. This is a simple way to make packing a little bit more enjoyable.

Image source: Pexels

Now you are ready to get excited and pack up for your spring break trip! Hopefully, you will implement some of these tips and tricks to take away any stress caused by packing. By following these tips, your packing experience should be easier and your traveling experience should be more enjoyable and convenient.