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An Open Letter to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Dr. Ford, 

I am not one to speak my political opinion in a public forum, but this undeniably transcends politics.

I sit here writing this with only a fragmented imagination of what you went through. I am angry, disgusted, and sad. Sad because of what you suffered back in 1982, sad because of the state of our country, where sexual abuse and harassment is condoned, and sad because we have just confirmed an abuser of women to the Supreme Court.

But you took this sadness that you have and this fear and turned it into a movement. You flew across the country to face your abuser in a public arena, and you spoke your truth, to him. And we heard your message. While some did not hear, or refused to listen, you touched many. Including me.

And throughout this process, I am overwhelmed by your poise, strength, and bravery, all of which you maintained while in front of a man who has hurt you so deeply. You have quickly become a role model to women everywhere, exemplifying patriotism and incredible strength. 

I read what several men have to say about this. I listen to boys I went to school with talk about the justification of Kavanaugh’s behavior, and all of this makes me realize how much progress we have left to make. The hope I have for the future is little, but the inkling of hope I do have is because of women like you, who are educating young minds and fighting for justice, not just for yourself but for all other survivors.

I thank you for coming forward. While the outcome is unfortunate and wrong, a movement has begun. I hope that more women, young and old, find the courage that you had to expose more abusers hiding from their actions. You are an inspiration, a patriot, and an exemplary woman. 

Thank you, and I believe you. 

Hi! I'm Christine Giovannoni, and I am a Sociology major and Communications minor at UC Davis! I love writing, watching sports, being with family and friends, and running! I am also a sports marketing intern at UC Davis and a member of Alpha Delta Pi, and I love being involved on campus in any way I can.
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