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Op-Ed: Save the Drama for Your Mama

We’ve all been there. He said this, she said that. We love sticking our noses in other people’s business because it gives us an adrenaline rush. Why else would the latest Kardashian scandal get more shares on Facebook than than the recent political debates? We want to connect with others by talking about things anyone can relate to: bad breakups, drunk oopsies, insensitive friends, stressful situations, etc. 

But let’s break it down.  How productive is dissecting someone else’s personal life? Why is it that someone else’s problems and choices are more interesting than our own?

Drama ultimately stems from judgment.  We don’t just talk about someone else, we criticize them and self-righteously claim that we would never do the same thing.  Deep down though, we could see ourselves in that situation. Deflection and projection give us a sense of control and temporary peace of mind. We all have those moments of uncertainty, embarrassment, and frustration. Seeing someone else struggle is satisfying because it allows us to push those unpleasant feelings onto others.

There is an easy solution to this problem.  Don’t encourage drama. Don’t add fuel to the fire by telling as many people as you can. It really isn’t worth your time and won’t make your life any better. It’s not going to get you that dream job or that perfect relationship. Focus on your own life, and you will be much more satisfied. 

Hi, my name is Wendy Hwong and I am currently a fourth-year Communication Studies and Cognitive Science major at the University of California, Davis. In my free time, I enjoy long talks and study sessions in hole-in-wall coffee shops, hiking scenic trails, finding foodie hubs, DIY projects, reading, blogging every so often, and trying to stay fit. On my campus, I am involved in the Professional Sorority and Fraternity Council for Phi Alpha Delta, am a notetaker for the Student Disability Center, and run the publicity campaign for Relay for Life. Writing is one of my passions because it is one of the best ways I have found to connect with others and gives me the ability to create something completely original.
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