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No Matter the Distance, They Are Still Your Best Friend

Since moving to college last year, I’ve noticed a growing distance between my closest friends and me. Due to distance and differences in schedules and deadlines, we are often unable to communicate with each other as often as we would like. It’s usually through short messages that we remind each other that—even though we are miles apart—we still think about each other. However, the distance between the three of us is palpable.

There are changes that are present in the ways each of us behaves and think. One of my friends isn’t as reserved as she used to be and the other consumes things that are far more mainstream with younger crowds—such as Jamba Juice and Starbucks—which she didn’t originally like. The distance isn’t just noticed; it is felt. To a certain degree, it’s sad when you can’t witness the growth of those who helped you grow as a human being.

As sad as it may be, we still see each other as great friends. They are the only people I trust with my life. It’s okay to drift apart from the people you’ve known for a long time, especially at a time like college. It’s part of the human experience. And even though these changes are inevitable for everyone, as long as you are present in their lives in one way or another, distance does not stand a chance.

Distance is there, but it will never replace or destroy the deep bond between you and the people you grew close with. As long as they hold you close to their hearts and they to yours, you will not forget them and they will never forget you as you transition into your adult life.

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I'm a second year student with a double major in English and International Relations at UCD. I love hot chocolate, the fall season, and is a little too obsessed with kpop. 
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