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My Top 5 Winter Fashion Staples

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

I grew up in a small town in the Central Valley of California, so before moving to Northern California for college, I never really experienced a climate cold enough to permit typical winter attire all day long. I would try wearing scarves and beanies in my hometown, but by the end of the day, I would have to strip the layers off to keep myself from overheating. Now that I have actual experience with cold weather, I have developed 5 functional and fashionable clothing items and accessories that I could not get through the winter without. 

1. Tall Boots 

Whether it be campus boots, cowboy boots, or Dr. Martens combat boots, a good pair of boots will keep you warm and fashionable throughout the winter season. Something about wearing this style of shoe just elevates any outfit and is indicative of your own personality. Boots can uphold frost, rain, fog, wind, and sunshine. You can also layer cozy socks under boots for extra warmth without making your feet appear bulky (speaking from experience, sneakers are not great at concealing layered pairs of socks). 

2. Vests

I hated vests when I was younger, but now I absolutely love them! From leather vests to fur vests to knit vests — they always add a little spice to an outfit that seems uninspired or incomplete. I am a big fan of mixing multiple textures in my outfits, and vests allow me to achieve this while also providing some extra warmth. Vests are also really flattering and keep your body silhouetted amidst all the layers of clothing.

3. Knit Everything

I am the biggest fan of knitted items, specifically sweaters, scarves, leg warmers, and socks. Many yarns like cashmere or fleece are excellent at retaining heat while also feeling breathable. Yarn comes in so many colors and patterns as well, which means you can add it to any outfit. I really enjoy using knit socks or scarves to make my outfits more cohesive, like wearing a red scarf and a red belt to create a match. Because those two items match, then I have a baseline and can kind of do whatever for the rest of the outfit.

4. Long Skirts and Fleece-Lined Tights

This is my ultimate winter combo. I get tired of wearing jeans or pants every day, and so when I want to mix it up, I’ll wear tights and a long skirt. Long skirts come in so many different fabrics, lengths, and patterns, making the outfit opportunities endless. As for tights, I mainly wear fleece-lined tights because I feel as if they are almost as warm as wearing pants. Sometimes I even wear my fleece-lined tights and then a colorful pair of tights.

5. A Hat

My staple piece: hats for this coming winter are a crocheted cream beret and a tan corduroy fisherman’s hat. When I wear one of my hats, I feel instantly cooler. My outfit seems way more stylish and thoughtful than it is all because of one piece, and it protects my head and ears from the cold and wind. 

I hope my Top 5 Winter fashion staples have provided some inspiration for the season to come.

Hello! I am a second-year English major at UC Davis. I love music and volunteer at the Davis radio station KDVS.