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My Main Third-Year Takeaways

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

As the Spring quarter comes to an end, I’ve found myself reflecting on my overall experiences as a third year at UC Davis. This year was full of lots of ups and downs, and highs and lows experiences, but I’m grateful that I got to experience every moment both good and bad. This quarter has specifically taught me a lot about myself and has helped me grow as an individual and learn how to adapt to my life. That being said, here are some of my main takeaways from an incoming fourth-year student at UC Davis! 

  1. Being more active with organizations and work. This year I made it a goal to gain first-hand experience in my major (Design) through opportunities provided by UC Davis. I’m incredibly thankful for the experiences I’ve gained through my involvement and extracurriculars I’ve been able to participate in, and I’m grateful I had a chance to learn more about potential career paths in the Design field! Being active has also allowed me to meet new people within my major and areas of interest.
  2. Allowing myself to attend more social activities. Because I spent so much time focusing on my academics during my first and second year at UC Davis, I never quite had the chance to attend social events like kickbacks and hangouts that were held by my friends. This year, I’ve been able to explore the social dynamic at UC Davis, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet new friends through this! Being able to be more social has decreased my stress levels drastically, and has allowed me to continue to grow my relationships with the people in my life.
  3. Taking care of myself and my well-being. Self-care is extremely important, and many of us can find ourselves prioritizing other people over ourselves. With this being said, I find that when I’m able to put myself first above other people, I’m able to really thrive and be my best self. By doing this, I can then present my best self to others around me, and truly be present and in the moment. Because burnout and the mental health struggles that come with this can be especially prominent during our college years, it’s important to be able to step back and take time for yourself. Some of my favorite self-care activities include taking walks in my neighborhood and the arboretum with my friends and family, staying in and watching a comfort show/movie, and getting some much-needed rest and taking the time to wind down by reading, dimming the lights, putting on some calming music, and lighting a scented candle. 
  4. Letting go of relationships that no longer serve a purpose. Many relationships that I’ve been able to find peace letting go of were friendships that no longer felt like they were adding anything positive to my life. With the absence of this negative energy, I feel like I’ve been able to prioritize myself more. I’ve also been able to grow my genuine relationships and really cherish them.
  5. Taking different types of classes and exploring new career options. Entering this year, I wanted to be able to explore other classes and subjects, and I was able to do this by taking GEs from other subjects I would have never considered. These new classes have really opened my eyes to other potential career paths outside just Design, and I’ve been able to meet new people in these classes as well who are different majors!

Overall, there are so many lessons that I’ve gained from my experiences this year as a third year. I’m grateful for the opportunities this year has provided me, for the relationships I’ve continued to develop, and for the new people I’ve met. Though this year has been a whirlwind of emotions, I’ve been able to grow so much as an individual. That being said, I’m excited for what is to come next year! And for those about to enter your third year, remember to get out of your comfort zone and take care of yourself!

Hi! I'm Joanne, a Design student at the University of California, Davis! In my free time I enjoy indulging in my many hobbies/crafts (painting, jewelry making, decorating), curling up in bed with my stuffed animals and scrolling on my phone, going thrifitng and shopping for clothing, and hanging out with friends.