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School can be exhausting sometimes. Classes are very stressful, deadlines sneak up on us, we have definitely all been there. It is important to take care of ourselves and our wellbeing. We can do this by surrounding ourselves in a relaxing environment. Guess what? Fall is here! You know what that means? Cozy fireplaces, warm foods, cold weather, cute fall sweaters, rainy days, the list goes on forever!

Here is my guide to a cozy fall night in the comfort of your own home.

First things first, get home from class and just take a deep breath. You have had a long day, let those anxieties melt away with those long breaths and truly center yourself. After doing so, hop in the shower and wash away all of the sweat from a hard day’s work. Make sure to use your favorite fall scents: Pupkin, Apple Cinnamon, Marshmallow, etc.

Next, you absolutely have to put on those cute fall pajamas you have been saving all summer. The comfy material will be soothing for your mental state, and the fall designs are just adorable!

Face masks are the perfect way to relax and recharge! Pop on your favorite one, put on your favorite song, and just detach yourself from your stress. After 20 minutes of the mask, curl up on your bed with a nice warm blanket and read a book. As college students, we are constantly on electronics for hours and it is very important that we disconnect for a portion of our day. Even a couple of hours can make the biggest difference. Relax, and get lost in a different world when you read your favorite book.

After you finish reading for about an hour or two, it is time to make your favorite snacks! Nothing beats a nice bowl of warm soup on a cold day indoors (potato soup is my personal favorite). If soup is not your thing, make that popcorn or get your favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s because it is MOVIE TIME!

Oh yes! Fall movies are a must in this routine! Coraline, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, it is time for these iconic films! Watch one, watch three, watch twenty, WATCH ANY FALL MOVIE! Is it really a fall routine if a fall movie is not included?

Okay, if movies are not in your wheelhouse, there is nothing like putting on a little Gilmore Girls and having a nice warm mug filled with either homemade hot chocolate or hot apple cider to go with the best episodes! Warm yourself up in a blanket, and get cozy as you listen to the wind outside your home brush against your window. Again, take a deep breath and center yourself.

Obviously, do what makes you happy! You deserve a cozy night routine, especially in Fall Quarter. We all just got back from a long hot summer, and getting back into the school routine is not a walk in the park for most people. Breathe, regroup, and conquer another day. You are strong and amazing! We got this!

Amanda is a fourth year Cinema & Digital Media major with a minor in Communications. She enjoys writing, watching movies & TV shows, and spending time with her friends. She hopes to pursue a career in the film industry after UC Davis.