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My Favorite Boba Spots in Davis

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Boba holds a special place in my heart. The first time I tried boba when I was six during a family vacation in Taiwan, I absolutely hated it. I didn’t like the taste of the milk tea itself, and I thought that the texture of the tapioca pearls were scary. It wasn’t until boba really blew up in the US (which began around the time I was in high school) that I gave boba another try. When I came to Davis, I started drinking boba more often, and that led to the blossoming boba addition that I have today.

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Boba is a now all-encompassing term for many kinds of tea drinks with a variety of gelatinous inclusions, but it originally referred to bubble or milk tea with origins in Taiwan. It is usually created with tapioca pearls/boba, a tea base, sugar, and milk. Though the drink is usually served cold, it can also be served hot. As boba has continued to expand, the flavor and types of teas offered in each teashop have continued to significantly grow in size as well. From fruit teas, to black teas, to thai teas, to green teas, there are many base options that can be added on top of toppings, mixtures, and other ingredients. 

With this in mind, each boba store has many unique flavors and options to choose from, and I have compiled my favorite boba spots in Davis! This is a disclaimer that these opinions are simply my own and do not reflect the opinions of HerCampus.

  1. Raretea. Across the street from iTea, Raretea is extremely underrated, and seems to be pushed aside since it has a more hidden location compared to iTea. As someone that was once a regular customer at Raretea, I absolutely love both their Lychee Spring Tea with lychee jelly as well as their Duo Grape Tea! I find that the combination of cheese foam and both green and purple grapes in the Duo Grape Tea is such a delicious pairing. Both teas are perfect for warmer weather.
  2. iTea. The classic boba spot conveniently located right on  the outskirts of campus, iTea serves the best fruit tea in the perfect location if you’re studying at the MU and just want to grab a quick drink before heading off to your next class! My favorite tea to get here is their strawberry fruit tea, which seems to be one of their most popular options. iTea is also known for their popcorn chicken, which never disappoints! 
  3. Sharetea. Located in the middle of downtown, Sharetea is a chainstore that has a variety of different drinks, even some with ice cream. As someone that usually gravitates towards fruit tea, I usually just get a Strawberry Green Tea, however, I’ve also heard that their new matcha drinks are really delicious!
  4. Akira. Located in North Davis, I personally love their Endless Love drink, which features a strawberry milk tea and strawberry heart jelly. I feel like the drink is a perfect in between for those that want a milk tea but also want a bit of a fruity kick in it. 

Overall, boba has continued to increase in popularity, as more and more stores in Davis have continued to open up. As accessibility and convenience has increased, more hangouts and gatherings are happening at boba shops. Many of my friends and I make plans surrounding getting food or drinks, with boba being a top contender as there are many locations within downtown Davis and that are open late at night. As boba continues to increase in popularity as locations continue to both open up, and as flavors continue to increase in variation, the more likely boba-haters will be converted to boba enjoyers..he more I indulge on these little pieces of the puzzle within my boba journey, I continue to remind myself that the picky little girl that first tried boba would be proud that her older self was willing to give the drink another chance. And that her older self is now, quite literally, obsessed with boba.

Hi! I'm Joanne, a Design student at the University of California, Davis! In my free time I enjoy indulging in my many hobbies/crafts (painting, jewelry making, decorating), curling up in bed with my stuffed animals and scrolling on my phone, going thrifitng and shopping for clothing, and hanging out with friends.