Life in College, As Explained by April Ludgate

April Ludgate is one of my most beloved television characters. Her angst, her loyalty to her friends, and her undeniable glare make me happier every time I rewatch Parks and Recreation. To celebrate the wonderful woman, let's review some of her best moments in relation to the college girl struggle. 


When people approach you on your way to class.


When people question why you call home so much. 


When friends invite you to binge watch a TV show you've never heard of.


Trying to get a reference for future jobs.


Taking a class that makes you question if you want to be here.


When that nagging voice of self-doubt finds a podium.


When people ask if you're going to be "just a teacher when you graduate".


Getting through a class you didn't like.


Giving any presentation in front of a class.


Doing things for the grade without understanding how it'll affect you later on.


Finding your friend's embarrassing high school past.


When they return the favor.


Feeling homesick and calling home.


Listening to TA's explanation that just doesn't make sense.


When people ask what your future plans are (again).


Trying to stay awake because you thought an 8am class was a good idea.


When your friend gets dumped.


Talking about and understanding science.


Classes that grade on a bell curve.


Finding someone you relate to.


Finding the unique ability to balance life and school.


What you need to remember anytime you feel lost.