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Liar, Liar, Pantsuit on Fire: Why I’m Not “With Her”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

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Recently, I watched the film “Hillary’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza, who sets out to explain the history of the Democratic party and how their past relates to modern campaigns such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I was shocked to learn some of the deep, dark secrets of the political machine that is the Clinton campaign, and the lies that are fed to Americans though the mainstream media and from Bill and Hillary themselves. Isn’t it time that we as Americans say enough is enough? Don’t we deserve better than this criminal duo and what they represent? What about honesty and dignity? It seems to me that those things have long gone out the window in politics, but the Clintons have taken the country to a new low. As I sat watching the debate, it became almost tiresome to hear how little truth was being spoken from the woman who could be our next President. I thought to myself: it’s just another lie. So with that, here are the top three lies from the last presidential debate:

1. Gun control

Hillary spent a large amount of time talking about the DC vs. Heller case, concerning the 2nd amendment which would protect “toddlers.” She said that what the District of Columbia was trying to do was to protect young children from guns, so they wanted people to safely store them. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The word “toddler” doesn’t even appear anywhere in the 110 page manuscript of the oral arguments brought before the Supreme Court. In fact, the case involved a 66-year-old police officer challenging DC’s handgun ban. Not a 6-year-old, Hillary.

2. Abortion

When Trump explained how partial birth abortions were conducted (“ripped out of the womb”), Hilary immediately lied: “That is just not what happens.” She went on to say Trump was using “scare rhetoric”, and that this only occurs “if the life and health of the mother is at risk.” Her explanations and excuses when it comes to abortion are based on mere falsehoods. Believe what you will, whether that be pro-choice or pro-life. But, the process is as gruesome as it may sound. First, the baby is partially pulled out of the womb except for its head. An incision is then made with scissors before a suction catheter is used to suck out the baby’s brains, demolishing the skull. Dr. Jane Orient states that almost all of these health risks can be avoided by inducing labor or performing a C-section. Hilary once again tries to defend her stance on the issue of abortion with flat out lies, and, to me, that is disgraceful.

3. Immigration

Hillary repeated over and over again that she is not in favor of “open borders” as Trump and others accuse her of. Chris Wallace, the moderator, pointed out to her that in a speech she made released by Wikileaks, she stated her dream was a “hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.” She calls this a “rank mischaracterization” and that she is simply talking about energy. Maybe she didn’t think we would go and read the rest of the sentence, or maybe she doesn’t think we have gone through 6th grade English? Either way, any intellectual person would conclude from reading the excerpt that Hillary was clearly listing energy as part of a dream she wants fulfilled of open trade and open borders.

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