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Lady Gaga’s New Music Video Is Challenging a Serious On-Campus Issue

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

On September 18th, Lady Gaga released her new song and music video “Till It Happens To You” and it’s going viral – for good reason. The song was written to score in the documentary The Hunting Ground attacking the ever-prevalent rape epidemic on college campuses.  

The song’s harrowing lyrics depict survivors’ loneliness, abandonment, pain, frustration, guilt, and hatred. She focuses on the idea that it is hard to receive help from those who do not understand, that for those who have not gone through the trauma, “it won’t be real.”

The video is a graphic narrative of multiple women as they are assaulted and left to deal with the damage. Each story takes place in familiar settings – a dorm room, a co-ed bathroom, a party. The point is that this could happen anywhere. Gaga and her team of producers and directors have created a masterpiece that is aimed directly at a problem that won’t seem to disappear. It also works to educate and eradicate sexual assault from college campuses. The video concludes with the survivors walking down their halls with support from men and women. It leaves viewers with the idea that this problem will not be solved by one person alone but by many coming together.

Sexual assault has been a silenced issue for long enough and it is crucial to educate both men and women about prevention and the available resources. If you or a friend have been affected by sexual assault, please report the crime to the proper authorities and do not hesitate to seek helpful resources. You are not alone.


National Resources:

Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE

RAINN, The nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization: rainn.org

At UC Davis:

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Page: sexualviolence.ucdavis.edu

University CARE Advocates, a confidential resource available 24/7:

530-752-9255 or email cvpp@ucdavis.edu

Center for Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE): 530-752-3299

UC Davis Police Victim Advocate: 530-752-1727


Watch the video here:

Viewer discretion is advised as this video contains graphic content and could be emotionally unsettling.


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