Kyle Goff, Transfer Student of the Year

Meet Kyle Goff, a recent transfer student and lover of computers. Transferring here as a computer engineering major, he has already begun practicing his craft in the UC Davis Formula Racing team by helping with the electrical systems area of the team. While for some the transition of a transfer student takes a toll, Kyle has found the transition to be simple and continues to thrive both inside and outside of class. Read below to find out more!

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Hey Kyle, thank you for sitting down to talk with me! For starters, why did you choose your major and what do you want to be?

I chose Computer Engineering in part because of my dad. He’s also in a computer field, and would always work on electronics and have circuit boards and things around the house. My brother, also, was always into computers and actually made his own amplifier when I was younger, so I was exposed to a lot of computers and electronics throughout my life. Originally, though, I had wanted to go into physics, but also really loved computers and often made computer games and stuff. My brother was the one who encouraged me to go into computer engineering so that I could actually use both. And for what I want to be when I grow up (in one year), I want to be a digital designer and design hardware for computers.

You transferred to Davis this year—how has that transition been from the junior college to here?

Honestly, the transfer here has been really easy. When I first came here, I already had a friend because my friend from high school went here, and so making friends has been easy and made the transition even better. I felt like I immediately had friends, which helped. Also, the professors at Santa Rosa Junior College really helped me prepare for Davis—sometimes I even feel like I know more than other students going into a class because of the semester system at SRJC. Often times, there will be a new concept brought up in class that I’ve already seen before.

Having experienced both, do you like SRJC or UC Davis better?

Well, they both have their perks. At SRJC, the professors were great—their only jobs are to teach us and help us succeed, whereas the professors here are hired for their research, but basically forced to teach, so you don’t always get the best quality. Davis is great, too, because I can live so close to campus and just bike everywhere—I love the idea of just being able to bike here. Also, I feel like I’m more representative of UC Davis, whereas I didn’t feel that in the junior college. There’s such a sense of cohesiveness between the students here.

What are you looking forward to the most while at UCD?

I’m excited about learning more in my major and, specifically, I’m looking forward to the labs for my classes. The projects in the labs for my classes are really good learning experiences for things that I know I can apply in the future. From these projects, I’m also learning what types of things are helpful for me in the future and what aren’t.

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Lightning Round!

Celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling

Mustard or mayonnaise? Mustard

What’s your favorite sandwich? Turkey with cheese and mustard on whole wheat bread.

Favorite movie? There Will Be Blood

Favorite director? Paul Thomas Anderson

If you could re-watch one show, which would you choose? Mad Men

Favorite color? Red

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