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The Importance of Education

Many Californians pride themselves in their progressive ideas and policies. While the state of California is hailed as one of the most liberal states in the United States, it also has its struggles with its own progressive ideals. One of the struggles that currently plagues the state of California is the state’s inability to help teachers and students who are in need to do well with their education despite the state’s attempt to overcome this struggle by increasing its funding to all school districts within California.  Image source: Pixabay

According to the Los Angeles Times, even though the state of California has increased the funding for school districts, “The neediest schools within those poor districts are not always the ones getting extra resources”. To have the ability to provide teachers and students in Los Angeles is the core reason why thousands of teachers within Los Angeles are on strike.  

According to Vox, wages for teachers have become greatly stagnant and the budget for education has been cut. Not only are teachers not getting paid, their class sizes have also become too large for actual classrooms. Schools are also understaffed with nurses, librarians, and counselors; they too will be going on strike along with teachers in Los Angeles. 

Image source: Pixabay

What is surprising is that even though California prides itself for their progressive ideals, “The district has tried on several occasions to limit the scale of the planned strike… [by] asking a federal court to block teachers who work with special needs students from leaving the classroom” (Vox).

To all parents and students, let’s support the Los Angeles Teachers Strike. Teachers play an important role in raising the next generation and the future. They should be celebrated as any other profession is. 

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