The Impact of a Hot Girl Summer

The biggest revelation of the year happened during this past summer. One that would change the way women all over the world would feel. It would change the levels of confidence and ignite a fire within all women who listened, and that revelation was that it’s a Hot Girl Summer. 

Megan Thee Stallion has changed the way that women see themselves with a three word phrase that etched into everyone’s summer of 2019. We have to thank her for, what first started out as a meme, turned into a movement that promoted everyone to be who they are without hesitation, and without fear of judgement. It wasn’t just aimed at women either it was aimed at everyone to be who they are. 

Source: Twitter 

Megan Thee Stallion was not the only Black female artist to advocate for being unapologetically ourselves. City Girls came out with “Act Up”, and despite it being released in November of 2019, it had all of us acting all the way up especially when “Twerk” featuring one of the first artists to be unapologetically themselves, Cardi B. Along with City Girls, we cannot forget Doja Cat giving us her iconic track “Juicy” that had all of us shaking our asses so they could see it from the front and hit them with the back. We also had Lizzo who came out with “Tempo” that had everyone, all sizes, moving to the beat to make an earthquake. 

Black female artists gave us all what we needed this summer. Beautiful women who embraced being extra as hell, embraced their bodies that not long ago, were deemed as ugly and unfit. We all had a summer that taught us to be confident, be ourselves, and more importantly, it was a lesson taught by Black women, who still to this day are uncared for by the media and treated so unfairly but that won’t stop them from being the epitome of beautiful, confident, and sexy. Hot Girl Summer is a movement above all else that had a big impact. According to an article by Time, #hotgirlsummer was used two million times on Twitter and 155,000 times on Instagram. The impact of a Hot Girl Summer will live on thus far and have all of us feeling good as hell, as women, as men, as humans, who are living their best lives without having to feel bad about it.