I Saw the Signs and It Opened up My Eyes

Recently, I have learned the importance of being present and realized that every little mundane decision I make leads to my greater purpose. My roommate showed me how to listen to my intuition or my gut feeling... Once I started doing that it made me aware of myself as a soul rather than a physical being. I know, I know! It sounds like hippie jargon, but it’s real. I was a skeptic from the beginning but now I am a believer that the universe, and the signs that are around you, are real. It’s just a matter of looking at them.  

In college, we get stuck in a routine of going to class and studying, studying and going to class. This routine was making me feel really stagnant and stuck. It wasn’t necessarily a decline of my mental health, but more of an existential crisis of, “Okay, so I have so and so going on for me, but what does it really mean?”

I found that when I didn’t think that way and just went about my day like it was nothing important, the feeling of being stuck was the strongest. So I started to talk to other people about how they felt about life. I really do need to thank my roommate, Anna Le, for helping me figure out my path to being more spiritual because when I started to live in the moment, I could really see what’s around me. I started to truly feel in charge of my life and that I had the ability to manifest my desires and wants into reality. More importantly, I knew that I could lead by example and show that manifesting your life is powerful and really does add quality to your life like never before.

The other day, I was having a really tough day. I was expecting the universe to hit me with pain at any given moment because for the longest time, I thought that was the ultimate meaning of life, to go through pain and nothing else. Then all of a sudden, a ladybug lands on me. For those of you who don’t know, a ladybug is a good omen. It means good luck and success in love, money, and life. I manifested a sign for myself, a sign that was granted by the universe that I’m going to be okay and that I need to chill.

It’s a simple task of just looking around. Stop thinking that the things you do in life are boring. The steps you take towards class, the decision to eat a bagel versus an apple for breakfast, and even the clothes you decide to wear all lead up to a bigger purpose and that bigger purpose is to live. By live, I mean taking in every painful, beautiful, wonderful moment that life throws at you and being present in everything that you go through in life. We live in a culture where every minor inconvenience you come across or every painful experience you go through means that life is not worth living, but the thing is, it is. Whether or not you believe in the benefits of pain, there is a benefit. You’ll grow. You learn about perspective and the power of now and to me, that’s the purpose of all the hurt and love a person goes through. I hope that what you get out of reading this is knowing you have purpose, even if every day is boring to you. It all leads up to something greater, but it’s a matter of realizing it and seeing it for yourself.