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How to Stay Informed During Election Season

With today’s tense political climate and especially with President Trump complaining left and right about bias from the media, it can be difficult to consider oneself an informed voter in the midst of election season.

While many written publications or websites may have an easily identifiable bias, it’s still important to read several sources. When you’re writing a research paper, you don’t only look at the sources that support your argument, you also look at ones that disprove your claim or take a different look at the concept. The same goes for being an efficient voter. If you read up on both sides of a significant issue in order to form a fully informed opinion, you become a much more efficient and a smarter voter!

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It can also be easy to be swayed by hearing friends or family member’s opinions on politics, but you should not be afraid to form your own opinion about political issues, whether that’s taking a stand on a heated discussion, or just determining your party preference on a voter registration form. Following the herd of just agreeing to the pack mentality does not make you a smarter voter. If anything, it makes you a bystander because you’re not voicing your own political opinion and that is just as bad as not voting at all.

Even if politics aren’t your cup of tea, it’s still crucial, especially for younger generations, to get out and vote! As we enter adulthood, more and more political issues like tax rates and propositions for cities and towns will begin to affect our lives. We’re voting on the next generation of politicians that will determine how this country moves forward into the future. Don’t be afraid to have your own opinions and act on them when you fill out that ballot!  

Helena is currently a second year studying English at UC Davis and plans to minor in Professional Writing and Technology Management. When she's not furiously writing notes in class, you can find her answering phone calls in the Dean's office at the UC Davis School of Law. She enjoys reading, listening to music, writing, eating (lots of) food, and spending time with family, friends, and her Tri Delta sisters.
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