How to Prepare Yourself for Your Cat's Spaying

Getting your cat spayed is never a fun experience especially if you’re an overprotective cat mom like me. However, I knew it was going to be worth it in the end for both my cat and me. If you’re planning to get your cat spayed soon, here are a few tips from a new cat mom to ease the stress. 

1. Be Prepared for the Surgery 

Follow your vet’s pre-op instructions! Make sure you have everything you need for the surgery: an e-collar (if you don’t want to pay for one at the vet), your cat’s favorite toys in their cat carrier, and maybe some of their favorite treats. The day before their surgery, play with your cat plenty and give them plenty of love and affection because they won’t be too playful or loving after their surgery. Be emotionally prepared to take care of your cat who’s in pain.

2. Check-In with Your Vet 

If you’re anything like me, I get way too worried about my cat’s wellbeing. If it makes you feel better, call your vet and check up on how the surgery went! The vet and the staff are there to make sure that the cat is safe and that the owner feels reassured about their pet and what they’re paying for. Also, post-surgery, make sure to call or email the vet any time you feel like there may be a problem or something isn’t right about your cat. They’re always happy to answer your questions and help you with your needs. 

3. Give Your Cat Some Space Right After Surgery

After the surgery, your poor cat will be either on or off of their anesthesia, which results in them acting in weird ways. Be prepared for a lot of yowling and meowing. It’s expected that they’re going to be in pain and will want to be left alone. Make sure your cat has a space for herself to rest! I know it’s hard but your cat probably doesn’t want your love right now. In a few days, they'll be more than ready for cuddles and love. 

cat looking into the camera while sitting in a DIY house Photo by Marthijn Brinks on Unsplash

4. Follow All of Your Vet’s Post-Op Instructions 

When my cat returned home from surgery, I had to give her antibiotics and narcotics for a week. Make sure that you don’t forget about those medicines, as it will aid your cat in their healing and the quickness of their recovery! Beyond that, the vet will probably tell you to make sure their litter box is always clean so their incision site doesn’t get infected. Cleaning her litter box every day certainly wasn’t my favorite thing to do but I did it to ensure the healthiness of my cat. 


I know it’s SO TEMPTING to take off your cat’s e-collar as soon as possible but please wait until her incision site has fully healed. I was so eager to take my cat’s e-collar off that after a few hours, she had licked her incision raw, which led me having to physically go to the vet to obtain an antimicrobial wound barrier gel, which was expensive and my cat ended up wearing her e-collar much longer than she would have had to. Learn from my mistake and keep the e-collar on!

6. Give Your Cat Unconditional Love 

When they're ready for it, give your cat the unconditional love they deserve. They’ll probably be cuddlier than you remember them to be, so embrace the moment. Give them plenty of pets, kisses, hugs, and treats. They deserve it! Especially after everything they've been through. 

napping cat Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash