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From the very moment I learned to crawl, my parents introduced me to the magical world of the silver screen. I can still vividly recall my first trip to the movie theatre in 2009 when I was only seven years old, and Walt Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” graced the screen. That day, I absolutely fell in love with the enchanting story, captivating characters, vibrant colors, and the mesmerizing music that brought it all to life. Little did I know that this experience would mark the beginning of a lifelong passion and set the course for a profound transformation in my life.

Fast foward eleven years, and I found myself embarking on a new journey as a student at UC Davis. It was here that I made a conscious decision to major in Cinema & Digital Media, a field that not only encouraged, but demanded that I delve into the world of film. In this academic pursuit, I came to realize the intricate and meticulous process involved in bringing cinematic art to the public. Conversations with my colleauges unveiled the rich tapestry of the experiences we each had while watching films. Some found simple enjoyment, while others encountered life-altering moments within the frames of celluloid. Throughout my life, whenever I have shared cinematic expierences with others, I have witnessed the profound impact it has on them. Colleauges and friends have been deeply moved by the stories that certain films have to offer. For me, watching a movie has always felt like a journey to a different world, where I can connect with characters and immerse myself in their narratives and passions.

Certain films contain moments of sheer beauty that stay with you forever. Take, for example, the iconic scene in “Sleepless in Seattle” (1993), where the two main characters meet for the very first time. With a beautiful musical backdrop and stellar performances by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, this scene encapsulates the power of cinema in conveying a heartfelt story of love. In movies, acting, plot, and music come together to create a symphony of emotions that tell a story that resonates deeply with audiences. Even today, as a twenty one year old, I continue to be enchanted by the same sensations I felt when I was just seven. A recent revelation came in the form of Studio Ghibli films, highly recommended by many in my life. One spring evening in 2023, I ventured into the world of “Howl’s Moving Castle” (2004) with high expectations. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, leaving an indelible impact on me. It was a film like no other, a unique masterpiece that transcended boundaries, and it once again underscored the transformative power of cinema in my life.

Movies have been an integral part of my journey, shaping my perspectives, igniting my passions, and providing a source of inspiration. From that day in the theatre as a child to the remarkable films I continue to discover today, the world of cinema has left an indelible mark on my life, driving me to be a part of this creative community and to use the medium to impact the lives of others.

Amanda is a fourth year Cinema & Digital Media major with a minor in Communications. She enjoys writing, watching movies & TV shows, and spending time with her friends. She hopes to pursue a career in the film industry after UC Davis.