How to Find Clothes for Spring and Summer on a Budget

This past week I went shopping at the Vacaville Outlets … and now my bank account is crying. However, I was able to find some really cute summer clothes and save so much money. Personally, I have so many clothes and shoes, but that's only because I know how to shop and where to look for good deals.

Spring and summer are around the corner so it is time to say goodbye to the rain jackets and hello to sandals and shorts weather, especially with how hot it gets in Davis.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons, here are some tips on how to look like a fashionista on a budget!Image source: Pexels

1. Go to the outlets

Outlets are great stores to shop at because they have brand name stores that just discount items because they might not be in season anymore or there aren’t large quantities of certain articles of clothing. Outlet stores have great discounts and the items are in similar quality to the items sold in regular retail stores.

2. Shop the clearance rack

Clearance racks can sell clothes from 30% to 70% off regular prices inside of the store and are a great way to find cute spring and summer items.

3. Buy spring and summer clothes during winter

Buying spring and summer clothes in the winter is the way to go because they won’t be in season and are likely to be on sale. Buying clothes during the winter allows you to be ready for those hot summer temperatures.

4. Look at Ads

Look at the advertisements to your favorite stores and check when they are having the best deals. Stores always have sales, especially during holiday seasons. 

5. Subscribe to get store emails

Subscribing to receive emails from your favorite stores allows you to get exclusive deals and coupons that can sometimes be used on top of sales that are already occurring inside of the store.

These tips will assist anyone looking to expand their wardrobes and stay on trend. Good luck shopping fashionistas!

Image source: Unsplash