How to Dress Your Man: Part 2

Part 1 of this series covered tips on convincing your man to update his wardrobe, and this Part 2 offers a list of wardrobe essentials that every man needs in his closet to take him from work to play. Many of us have an adorable guy whose ideal outfit consists of comfy flip-flops and a worn out t-shirt from high school, but gradually introducing items from this list into his closet will turn the scruffiest man into your version of a GQ model. From a girl who successfully transformed the wardrobe of her man (who once wore plaid shorts with a plaid shirt on a laundry day), no situation is hopeless and this list will be sure to offer you some much needed help!

Comfortable Leather Dress Shoes

My man's shoes were the first thing I encouraged him to change about his wardrobe. A good quality pair of leather shoes can be worn with jeans or with slacks for the office, upgrading every outfit with the same amount of daily effort. Are they expensive? Yes, but he'll end up wearing them so frequently the price is more than worth it. A good starter pair of leather shoes are dark brown Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes, they'll go with almost anything and are amazingly comfortable (although they only work for the casual business environment). If you can afford to buy two pairs of dress shoes, buy one brown pair and one black pair so he'll have a pair for every outfit.

Stylish Accessories

Sunglasses are often forgotten, but taking the time to address this important detail can make a basic outfit ten times sexier. Whether the man in question is sporty, casual, or business-oriented, there is a pair out there for him. I personally like Ray-Bans; they are more affordable compared to other designer brands, and my guy looks very smart in his club-masters.

A nice watch looks very grown-up, and tells the world that he is responsible with his time.

Belts with dress pants are always a nice touch, but make sure they coordinate with his shoes.

Perfectly Fitted Dark Blue Jeans

Everyone needs a pair of these! Spending more on a quality brand means he'll be reaching for them over the years as they hold up to wear and tear. Perfect with plain tees, and perfect for work with button up shirts, this might be something to buy two pairs of.

Dress Shirts

Always buy him wrinkle-free dress shirts, because he's not going to want to iron (and neither will you).  Make sure they are long enough to tuck into his pants without coming out, and that the buttons lie comfortably across his chest without threatening to pop off. Brands like J. Crew carry sizes for tall men with long torsos if you need a special size for him. Also, the sleeves should fit well and not be too long or too short.

 Dress Pants

Even if your man's job doesn't require him to wear business clothes, he should have at least one or two pairs of well-fitting dress pants in case an interview, wedding, or funeral comes up in his life. I like the colors grey and tan for their versatility. I tend to stay away from black because it's too easy for him to look like a waiter if he happens to pair black pants with a white dress shirt. As long as he knows not to do this, black pants can also be great because they go with many colors.

A Black T-Shirt

Picture this with dark jeans and his new sunglasses. Mmmm.

Lots of Black Socks

Nothing says clueless like wearing dress shoes with white gym socks.

 A Jacket or Coat

A man's primary coat is where he gets to make a powerful statement about his style. Will he choose a sleek leather jacket? A sport coat? A peacoat? Whatever he decides, it should be a neutral color that will go with all of his clothes, and it must fit perfectly to look elegant for all occasions. It's always worth taking a piece like this to a tailor, because he will be wearing his coat for years.

A V-Neck Sweater

This piece is so perfect because he can throw it on over anything and go; no buttoning, no tucking in, no tediously rolling up sleeves. I like buying him merino wool sweaters because they last a long time if I lay them out to dry. However, wool sweaters should only be bought for guys who are willing to take the necessary time to care for them. Be realistic about this area, expensive shrunken sweaters are no fun! (unless they happen to fit you after)

Don't worry if this list seems like a lot, these are all things we have bought over a period of many months because we have been on a budget in college, as I'm sure you understand! As always, look for coupons and big sales before you make those purchases, every penny counts. Have a wonderful day, and have fun planning his next essential purchase!