How to be a Boss Lady at UCD: A Survival Kit

Who run the world? Girls! Our latest survival kit is in, and it’s Beyoncé inspired! Unleash your inner boss and use the items in the kit to get a handle on all things Davis — the girl power is strong in this Aggie.

By the time you graduate from UC Davis, you’ll earn bragging rights and can confidently call yourself a college-educated gal. But you probably have even bigger dreams. And to achieve them, you’ll need a plan. Make use of on-campus resources and meet an adviser at the Internship and Career Center to find a career path that interests you, refine your resume or cover letter or even apply for a job or internship. Though they have 15-minute drop-in sessions, we highly recommend that you schedule an in-depth session so you can talk at length about your passions and concerns.

And as you wait for your appointment, flip through the #ActuallySheCan success issue. #ActuallySheCan is a campaign that aims to empower young women and help them turn their ambitions into reality. They’ve just launched a brand new mentorship program, and are partnering with influential organizations and women from different industries to give young women the guidance they need to succeed. Go get ‘em, girl!

If you work hard, you should get to play hard, too. Call your friends up for girls night out (or in, depending on your preference!) and make it even more fun by experimenting with a little makeup! L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes or Lotion gives a sunkissed glow, and Charlotte Tilbury lipstick has some bold, beautiful color that will make you feel great instantly. According to Charlotte herself, lipstick is “happiness in a tube!”

It’s not easy to balance your academic life, extracurricular life and social life. Between exams, dates, day trips, and meetings for clubs like IGNITE, Davis Women in Business or Womxn in STEM, it’s easy to get a little lost! Sort your life out using the Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner. It’s colorful, motivational and practical, and the perfect way for collegiette women like us to keep up and plan ahead. You can fill it out as you chill out between classes at the Righteous Babes Lounge or Joy Fergoda Library at the Women’s Research and Resource Center. 

With everything else you have to do, you might find yourself without time to wash your hair even when you really need to. In times like these, dry shampoo is your best friend! Use the Psssst! Tropical Instant Dry Shampoo (it’s got an exotic fragrance!) to refresh your hair and find yourself smiling at your mirror.

Even though your hair might be missing some TLC, it’s important that you always give the rest of your body the attention it needs. If you ride your bike around Davis often, it’s possible that you might develop a urinary tract infection. If you do, you can always use Cystex to help with pain relief — don’t let a UTI stop you from being the amazing woman that you are.

And finally, a smart, beautiful, confident woman like you deserves something special. A bumblebee charm from Juicy Couture is perfect for a busy bee like you.

All photos taken by Mariana Huben.