Has Dating Changed Forever?

People across the country have been holed up in their homes for over a month now. This isn’t easy for anyone, especially people in their 20’s. 

Our 20's are the time we are supposed to be out experiencing the world before we find love and settle down, but none of that can be achieved from the solitude of our apartments. This leads me to keep thinking about this question: will dating be different after this pandemic is over?

First off, let’s make some assumptions about people’s current coronavirus love-life situations. 1, single people are feeling extra single right now, and 2, people in relationships are either realizing their significant other is “the one” or that they can’t stand being around each other 24/7 and need to break up ASAP. 

And this means… all of the single people and people fresh out of relationships are going to have a dating frenzy as soon as things open up again. You heard it here first, folks!

couple kissing outside a window holding red heart balloons freestocks.org | pexels But seriously, I think this is a great thing and this time of everyone self-isolating will change the world of dating mostly for the better. Single people are going to be more inclined to date and find relationships because they’ve probably thought to themselves by now, “Hey, I don’t want to be alone the next time some pandemic rolls around and I can’t leave my house.”

Humans crave companionship, and this pandemic is exposing this truth! Hopefully people will want true companionship and not settle for casual hookups, because, hate to break it to you, your hookup buddy is not going to stick by your side for a month of quarantining.

Besides my prediction of many people jumping into serious relationships after coronavirus leaves the stage, dating is going to change in other ways. People may be a lot more hesitant towards physical contact with people they don’t yet know well. Perhaps less people will be kissing and hooking up on first, second, or even third dates. Will people even be hesitant about shaking someone’s hand or hugging them on a first date? I mean, some might be! It is just crazy to think that something that was so set in its ways, like dating, may not be the same when we all leave our houses again. 

people riding on bikes during sunset Via Everton Vila on Unsplash There will be positives and negatives to the ways dating will change after this pandemic. I think it is best for us to remember that we are all in this together, and will be experiencing the new ways of dating together. Hopefully, things will eventually become normal again, or even better than it was before in the world of dating!