Great Brands for Petite Clothes

If you're a petite princess, you probably understand the frustration of trying to find clothes that both fit and are exciting to wear. It can be challenging to build a beautiful wardrobe that is appropriate for this stage of your life, especially if you're ready to be taken seriously (and if you're tired of being mistaken for a 12-year-old child!). Here is a list of clothing companies that will make your grown-up, petite style a lot easier to pull together:

J. Crew

My wardrobe improved immensely after discovering the fitted, high quality basics J. Crew carries. J. Crew is my favorite place to buy many of my staple items because their XXS size fits like a dream (for comparison purposes I'm about 5'5', 100 pounds, bra size 32A). They occasionally carry an XXXS size in certain items—I once bought a jacket in this size and was thrilled at the tailored fit. If you have a shorter torso, arms, or legs, they also carry petite sizes for much of their merchandise.

I highly recommend their vintage t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, and wool coats. (If you have teeny tiny breasts, this is also a good place to find bikini tops!) The quality of the clothing, the variety of colors they offer, the classic nature of the pieces, and the frequency of good sales is the reason J. Crew is one of my favorite clothing companies. Similar petite-friendly brands include Banana Republic, Asos, Ann Taylor, and Loft.


While brands like J. Crew are great for basic items of clothing, Anthropologie is there for you when you need a few artistic pieces to spice up your wardrobe. I was thrilled when they started carrying petite sizes last year, and once in a while I'll browse the sale section for a colorful t-shirt or dress in-store or online. I like to order petite XXS t-shirts and tanks on sale from Anthropologie because they are affordable, beautiful, and look like real shirts on me instead of over-sized tunics. The quality of the clothing here depends on the brand, so be sure to read customer reviews before you buy something that seems too good to be true. That being said, the clothes here sell out fast (especially their petite sizes), so buy your treasured item quick, before someone else snags it!


If you haven't heard of Modcloth yet, you're officially out of the loop! Modcloth is a popular online retailer who specializes in offering hundreds of affordable, vintage-style dresses. If you need a fit-and-flair party dress, a quirky tunic, or a sexy little black dress, this is the place for you. They also carry fun accessories, tops, and bottoms, many with a funky, vintage flair. While they don't label their clothing as “petite,” they carry dresses, skirts, and tops in XS sizes that can be snug fitting and short, just check out the fit information and customer reviews if you're in doubt. This company brings new clothing in every day, which means old clothing is constantly being added to the clearance section. The customer service and return policy is great here, so give this company a try!


If you're confused about why I included Hollister in my list of “grown-up” petite clothing stores, let me explain. I understand that Hollister carries clothing geared towards teenagers, but if a person is selective when buying from this store they can find petite staple pieces for very inexpensive prices (especially if they buy from the online clearance section). Their smallest size is a tiny XS, and sometimes they even carry an XXS in certain clothing items. I never buy anything with a logo from Hollister to keep from looking like a teenager, but this is a great place to find tiny bralettes, lacy camisoles, and trendy items (like crop tops and skater skirts) without breaking the bank. This is one of the only companies who makes shorts and mini skirts small enough for me, so when they get marked down for winter you can bet that I'll be adding them to my online shopping cart. Once I bought a pair of shorts here for only $6 during a big winter sale, score! Similar teenage clothing brands with tiny sizes include Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, and Aeropostale.

These companies are all great for petite sizes, but if you absolutely love an item of clothing that doesn't fit you can always take it to a trusted tailor! You'll pay extra, but you'll end up wearing your tailored pieces to death because of their perfect, custom fit. Start out by taking inexpensive clothing items to different tailors and see who fixes them the best, and before you know it you'll find the right “fit”, and a valuable resource for your perfectly petite wardrobe.