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Girls, What Do You Have to Offer?

As girls, it’s easy to be hard on yourself, especially when the expectations you’ve set up for yourself are nearly impossible to achieve. What’s important is that you learn to give yourself credit, because despite the insecurities you hold, there’s always greatness behind who you are as a person.

In honor of this idea, I’ve asked nine amazing women I know and appreciate about their own favorite attributes. It’s important to acknowledge the good in yourself, and it’s just as important to remind others of how great and empowering they are. Read through, and embrace the idea that even the little things you do prove that you have so much to offer.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself, and why?

“I appreciate how comfortable I feel with myself. I feel like I can trust myself, and I’m secure with who I am as a person. It helps me not worry too much about what others are doing or thinking and prevents negative feelings like jealousy or inadequacy — so I can genuinely support others and be happy for successes and other positive attributes that aren’t my own!” -Sophie

“I love making people laugh and being confident enough to influence people and stand up for what I believe in.” -Susu

“My intelligence. I pick up new information really easily, and problem-solving is one of my biggest strengths.” -Ashley

“My positivity. No matter how bad a situation seems, I always imagine someone else in another country and think that they’re probably in a worse situation than I’m in. No matter what, I have to stay strong — because there’s always someone in a worse situation than you are. If they can be strong, so can you.” -Monica

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“My ambition and my ability to achieve those goals when I set my mind to it because I’m willing to work hard for them.” -Alena

“I’m a good dog mom. I’m super patient with my fur devils — and I even ran around in black jeans and a long sleeve so my little nugget could get her daily exercise. It’s all about sacrifice.” -Lena

“I love fiercely, and I’m quick to forgive — even when people don’t deserve it. But I like that I’m like that because it means I don’t let other people decide how I go through life, and I don’t let that harden me. Also, I know an obscene amount of song lyrics, and I’m really good at predicting who the murderer is on Criminal Minds.” -Kas

“The relationships I’ve been able to build with amazing people. Because through those relationships I’ve been able to grow and can continue to learn from other empowering people.” -Kayla

“I’m dedicated. Whatever I want to do, I want to do to the best of my ability. Growing up, I wanted to be a nurse and be the best that I could in my profession. It’s hard sometimes, but no matter what kind of patients I get, I will give them the due care that they deserve.” -Tina (my mom)

Krisi is a second year at UC Davis, born and raised in southern California. Despite aspiring to pursue a career in medicine, she enjoys using both writing and music as her creative outlet. She is a free spirit- an avid lover of traveling and finding new places. Always spoiling her friends through cooking and baking, she takes pleasure in sharing her hobbies and experiences with others.
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