Getting to Know Sofia Caryotakis

Sofia Caryotakis is a third-year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (NPB) major from Portola Valley, California. Along with her studies of such a vigorous and time consuming major, Sofia is also president of the UC Davis Women’s Club Water Polo Team and a member of the sorority Alpha Chi Omega. I decided to sit down ask her about how to create the college experience you want, the joys and difficulties of participating in more than one world at Davis, and how it is never too late to get involved.

Photo Credits: Peter Caryotakis

What made you join the club water polo team and AXO?

 In high school, I made some of my best friends through water polo and dedicated too many early morning hours to the sport to stop! I knew the women's team had a strong history of success and hoped I could contribute while continuing to develop as a player. I joined Alpha Chi Omega in the spring of my sophomore year after an amazing spring break backpacking trip with future sisters. It was easy to see that if I could rough it with them on the trail then hanging out in Davis would be more than fun.

What do you love the most about taking on the position of president for water polo? 

I do it for my love for the sport but more importantly my love for my teammates. I hope I support them as much as they encourage me in every practice and game. The position pushed me out of my comfort zone at first but I've noticed significant personal development transfer into other areas of my life. The behind-the-scenes administrative work was a surprise but we're looking at a great season ahead so it's all worth it!

Photo Credits:  CWPA (Collegiate Water Polo Association)

What are your responsibilities as president?

Part of my position as president is to delegate tasks, supervise officers, and ensure all aspects of club operation are performed successfully. I also assist the coaches in running tryouts and determining A and B teams. Communication and maintaining relationships with other school’s sport clubs, CWPA (Collegiate Water Polo Association), and administration is also an important part of my role.

What do you love about AXO?

 I've loved being introduced to women with different goals but the same drive to achieve them. These are real strong women who are passionate about their work, studies, hobbies, and friends and they always go the extra mile to support each other! 

Photo Credits: Peter Caryotakis

Is it hard to balance out your time with both commitments to these communities? The balance is more difficult than expected especially when water polo is in full swing. Luckily, I know that I have support from both communities when one event has to come before another. 

How has your overall experience at Davis been? 

Each year is getting better! It took a while to find my niche at such a large school but I'm really happy with where my academics, extracurriculars and friendships stand at this point.

What's a piece of advice you would give to your freshman-year self? 

I would tell myself to cut back a little on the coffee because I'm too dependent on my morning cup now. I would also suggest branching out to form study groups instead of tackling a class solo. Everything considered, I know that I wouldn't be who I am now if I had followed a different path and I'm really happy with where my life stands right now.

What is your spirit animal?