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Finals Survival Kit

Now that it is finally winter break, we can look back at the dark times of finals week and put them behind us. Thankfully, the staff here at Her Campus were lucky enough to receive some lovely gifts via a Her Campus Finals Survival Kit! Here are some of our top favorite items, which we will be sharing with you all next quarter in the quad!

1. Chipotle Buy One Get One Free Cards

Because there is nothing in this world that brings the same happiness as a free burrito. 

2. Tresemme Hair Products

We're excited to have fabulous hair next quarter, now that we once again have time to do something else besides study. 

3. Cold-Eeze Quick Melts

I don't know about you, but I am sick (pun intended) of fighting off a cold every other week, and Cold-Eeze is a life saver.

4. Luna Bars

Between all of these Luna Bars and Kettle Chips, we have snacks for days. Enough said.

Editor in Chief, UC Davis chapter founder.
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