Feeling Connected While Social Distancing

Life has changed drastically over the past weeks. Although we are all stuck inside, now more than ever, we need to stay connected. For many, school and work were a way to socialize and separate their time away from home, but now many people do not have that boundary. I have been stuck at home wandering from the kitchen to my room, and I find it difficult to set a line between work time and me-time. I myself like to socialize and hang out with friends, and although that cannot be possible face to face, there are still many options in this digital age. 

I have felt an overwhelming feeling of stress over the past weeks due to the situation at hand, school starting, feeling disconnected, you name it. But I felt more at ease when friends reached out to me via text, social media and facetime. Seeing familiar faces after being cooped up in my room made me feel connected, despite being in different locations. I feel that now is a time to stay connected, I know that online communication cannot replace the feeling of physical human interaction, but it is definitely a way to try and keep connected. 

Reach out to your friends, family, or anyone important to your life and check up on them, it could change their day. Especially if they are feeling uncertainty at this time. Everyone is feeling overwhelmed, but it is okay, everyone is trying to cope with their surroundings, so don’t blame yourself too much for having feelings that you can’t explain. 

Children insideA fun thing that you can do is host a Netflix party, there are applications and extensions that allow you to watch Netflix with a group. So, although you can’t have an actual movie night with the gals, you can still share screens and watch something fun. I hope that everyone can stay safe, connected, and healthy during these times.